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» » Treatment of bone at the foot of folk remedies

Treatment of bone at the foot of folk remedies

Treatment of bone at the foot of folk remedies

What is a valgus deformity of the big toe: Symptoms, Causes

Valgus deformity of the foot is a fairly common orthopedic disease in which there is a deviation of the big toe inward, resulting in a characteristic bump appears.

Reasons protruding bone on the foot may be different. First of all, this illness affects women, because their ligaments weaker. In the male half of humanity, such deformation of the foot occurs as a result of injury. Other causes of the disease are:

Genetic predisposition. If these symptoms, it is likely, she worried about some of the parents.
Flat feet, chronic form of bursitis, arthritis, etc.
Endocrine disorders, osteoporosis.
Uncomfortable shoes when wearing the wrong which the load distribution on the foot. Narrow shoes can lead to foot deformity in children.
Incorrect gait. Code a person walks, placing socks widely, the whole weight falls on his toes. Consequently, the bone is deformed.
Violation of metabolic processes in the body.
Gout, ie the accumulation of uric acid in the body.
Lack of vitamins has a negative impact on the joints.
Prolonged pressure on the foot, an unbalanced diet.

The stone on the foot can not appear in a moment. Increasing bumps occur at a different rate and intensity. On the development of the disease show the following symptoms:

discomfort when wearing any shoe;
occurrence of pain in the front and the midfoot;
burning and aching;
the sensation of pain in the bone;
the appearance of corns, calluses and inflammation in places excessive stress on the foot;
finger deformity that become molotoobraznymi;
the appearance of bumps on the part of the little finger.
Danger valgus deformity is that the untimely its treatment may cause complications develop osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, osteoarthritis of the hip, knee.

When the first signs of hallux valgus is necessary to address to the orthopedist who diagnosed the disease appoint a competent treatment.

Treatment of bone at the foot of folk remedies

Treatment of bone in the leg at home: folk recipes

Treatment of bone on his feet in the home can be effective only in the early stages of the disease. Advanced stages require surgery.

Treatment of bone on the thumb in iodine

Tincture of iodine and color dandelion help defeat the illness and significantly speed up the recovery.

To prepare an effective means to collect fresh or purchased in a drugstore, dry dandelion flowers.
100 g color should pour iodine so that it covers the raw materials.
Insist 4 days and to put iodine on the net lump, preliminary to steam foot and wiped it dry.
For 14 days, this procedure must be repeated daily at bedtime.

Treatment of bone on the thumb soap

To defeat the illness, the treatment can use a simple soap. The darker it is, the better.

It is necessary to steam foot in hot water dissolved in it soap.
At the 3 liters of water should take half cups of soap, grated.
After a 20-minute foot bath is recommended to make a simple massage. Thumbs need to apply pressure on the bone.
Perform the procedure for 3-4 weeks.

Treatment of the cones on their feet with propolis

If the development of valgus deformity of the foot caused by gout, relieve pain help propolis.

We need to take a little propolis and knead in hand.
Then impose on the cone, fix bandage and plaster.

Treatment of the cones on their feet potatoes

The therapeutic agent is made from potato peelings.
A small pan should be filled to 2/3 of potato peelings, add water up to the top.
Boil the broth should be for 15 minutes, then cool slightly.
Hot drug should be poured into a bowl and put the feet for half an hour.
Repeat procedure should be every day for 10 days.

Treatment of bone on the thumb egg

At home, you can cook a good ointment for the treatment of the joints of the eggs.

Fresh egg with white shell should be placed in a glass and fill it up to the top of vinegar (70% solution).
Glass is recommended to put in a cool dark place for two weeks. During this time the egg is completely dissolved in the acid.
When will take place 14 days, you need to throw the undissolved particles, add a tablespoon of lard, melt it, and mix thoroughly.
The mixture should stir in a teaspoon of turpentine ointment.
This mixture should be processed bone every other day, alternating with the procedure applying iodine grid.

Treatment of bone at the foot of folk remedies

Treatment of bone on the thumb honey

A small amount of honey it is necessary to melt in a water bath.
Spread a tablespoon of honey on gauze and attached to the cone.
Honey is especially effective for the treatment of bone on the foot at an early stage.

Treatment of bone on the thumb lemon

The contents of the vial of iodine, the juice of one lemon and two aspirin should be mixed thoroughly. Tablets desirable crushed to better dissolve.
Cotton swab, moisten in medicine and to treat affected areas.
On top of the foot and you must wrap polyethylene wear wool socks.
Wrapping should be done 3 days in a row at night and keep the compress overnight, then make a week break and spend two more courses of therapy.

Treatment of hallux valgus foot clay

Clay is able to dissolve tumors, reduces inflammation and irritation. Successfully used it in folk medicine and for controlling a lump on his leg.

It is necessary to take ? cup red clay, sea salt (1 tablespoon), turpentine (5-7 drops), boiled water (200 ml).
All ingredients should be mixed and apply the mixture to the site of bone formation.
Keep the compress is recommended to complete solidification of clay, and then rinse under warm water foot.

Treatment of bone on the thumb herbs

It is necessary to mix for dessert spoon chamomile color, peppermint, St. John's wort and horsetail, nettle, leaves, cranberries, birch buds, flaxseed and elecampane root.
Herbal need to brew a liter of hot water.
Infuse 2 h and filtered through a gauze or sieve.
Take one glass of the drug three times a day for 20 days. This medicine can help reduce uric acid levels.
Treatment of bone at the foot of folk remedies

Prevention and useful tips on how to avoid valgus deformity of the foot (the bone in the leg)

The main measure of prevention of seed on her feet is the right choice of footwear. It is recommended to buy only quality shoes made of genuine leather or suede, put it orthotics. You also need to do regular foot massage, with the appearance of any opportunity to walk barefoot.

Due to sedentary lifestyle or, on the contrary, activity that involves prolonged stay on your feet, may also receive a lump on his thumb. Consequently, the need to pay particular attention to physical exercise, massage and gym. Prevention of bone in the leg is largely in the normalization of the diet.

Strengthen ligaments of the foot can be performing a few simple exercises every day:

Sitting on a chair smoothly, you need a little lift your feet off the ground (about 20 cm) and a few minutes to reject the right socks, right, forwards and backwards, and then rotate them in different directions.
You must stay on the floor and throw small objects around you. The essence of the exercise is that we need to try to raise the foot all the items.
Sitting flat on the floor, you need to take hold of the toes. This is not to bend your knees. It is advisable to tear the heel off the floor and hold this position 1-5 minutes.
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