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» » pleurisy Treatment of folk remedies

pleurisy Treatment of folk remedies

pleurisy Treatment of folk remedies

What is pleurisy lung: symptoms, causes, types

Pleurisy is a lung disease in which inflamed their shell - pleura. As a rule, it affects only one lung.

The duration of treatment of the disease varies from a few days to several weeks.

Experts classify the effusion into the following varieties:

effusion and fibrinous;
aseptic and infectious;
diffuse and encysted.

Causes of pleurisy:

severe fatigue, hypothermia;
unbalanced diet;
intolerance to medication;
Exposure to various infections, fungus, viruses, etc .;
malignant tumors, for example, metastasis to pleura, pleural cancer, lung;
progression of the disease as a result received chest injuries;
complication following surgical intervention.

The main symptoms of pleurisy are:

respiratory failure, pain in the chest;
weakness, drowsiness;
pallor cyanosis and even some public areas of the skin.
Treatment must necessarily take place in a hospital, as in the home treatment of pleurisy exercise impossible. However, as the practice of medicine, folk treatment of pleurisy, as an adjunct to conventional therapy, it is considered to be not less effective. It should be noted that the treatment of pleurisy traditional methods should be administered under the supervision of a specialist.

Treatment of pleurisy folk remedies: homemade recipes

pleurisy Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of exudative pleurisy

During the treatment of pleurisy is very well proved aloe juice.

For the preparation of a therapeutic agent needed to take such ingredients: aloe juice (100 ml), white honey, vegetable oil, birch buds (75 g), heart-shaped linden flowers (1 cup).
Linden flowers and birch buds need to make 400 ml of boiling water, boil for about 20 minutes, then infuse for two hours.
The resulting broth is necessary to add a bit of honey and aloe juice.
The resulting mixture should be warmed in a water bath and studio.
After that, add a little oil.
Receiving drugs should be carried out 3 times a day for two tablespoons.

Treatment of dry pleurisy

Very effective in the treatment of dry pleurisy following recipe from beet juice:

100 ml of juice to mix with a glass of honey and heat on a water bath.
The resulting mixture should be taken before meals 4 times a day.
Throughout the day you need to drink about half a cup of the mixture.
It is a remedy not only helps in the healing process but also stimulates the appetite and general condition of the body.

Treatment of purulent pleurisy

To get rid of the purulent pleurisy, it is recommended to properly combine traditional medicine and folk treatment, because this kind of pleurisy is very dangerous for the life of the patient.

Effective treatment can cook therapeutic mixture of wheat flour (6 tbsp) mustard powder (2 tbsp), marigold flowers, honey (2 tablespoons) vodka (1/4 cup) olive oil (1 cup).
Care should be taken to shift all the components placed in the pot and put it in a dark place for 7 days.
From the prepared mixture is recommended to compress the patien

Treatment of pleurisy osumkovanogo

We need to take 300 grams of onion and 500 ml of dry white wine.
Onions should be finely chopped and pour his wine.
It is necessary to add therapeutic drink half a glass of pale honey.
Infuse tool is recommended for 7 days in a dark place.
When you need to drink drain and take on a tablespoon before eating.

pleurisy Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of pleurisy badger fat

To prepare you need to purchase a pharmacy badger fat.

It wanted to take 250 grams of fat and 300 grams of aloe leaves, which previously needed to grind and cut the thorns.
The two components should be thoroughly mixed and add honey to a glass.
The resulting composition is recommended to be placed in the oven for 15 minutes, then drain, leaving only the juice.
Accepted need each day before eating a tablespoon.

Treatment of pleurisy radish

Radish is often used for respiratory diseases.

To prepare the magic bullet it is necessary to take black radish juice, such as half a glass.
You will also need the honey in the same amount, that is also half of the glass.
These two ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and placed in a refrigerator for storage.
Take a tablespoon of need the drug three times a day before meals.

Treatment of pleurisy horseradish

To prepare the medical mixture will need: 150 g of horseradish roots, three small lemon.
Please carefully grind horseradish root, then squeeze the juice from the lemons.
The components must be thoroughly mixed.
It is recommended to take half a teaspoon of "magical" medicine twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime.
A few days later feeling improved considerably.

pleurisy Treatment of onion

Traditional medicine recommends the use of a universal therapeutic agent as onions. One need only chop the onion, put it in a bowl and, bowing his head and cover with a towel, inhale the smell of onion.

Due phytoncides contained in onions, treatment is highly effective, especially if done twice a day treatments.

pleurisy Treatment of honey

For treatment at home can be an excellent means to cook with honey.

Take a spoon of honey, lard, a glass of milk and a raw egg.
First you need to melt the honey, add honey to the egg yolk, previously separated from the protein and badger fat.
All need to mix and add a glass of hot milk.
Drink the potion you need, morning and evening.
It is desirable after drinking do not go out and lie down, wrapped a warm blanket.

pleurisy Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of pleurisy herbs

Effective aid in the fight against disease of the pleura are medicinal plants. To treat it, you can use the broth is very simple to prepare.

It is necessary to take licorice root (1 pc.), Elecampane root, herb St. John's wort (2 tbsp. L.).
By gathering need to add grass Knotweed, mother and stepmother, cudweed, trifoliate leaves watch.
Pour 2 tablespoons of collecting two cups of boiling water and put in a thermos.
Infuse all night.
Take 1/3 cup three times a day. 

Prevention and useful tips on how to avoid the disease pleurisy

As is known, the cause of pleurisy in many cases it is a prior condition. It is therefore pleurisy prevention is aimed primarily at its treatment.

Most experts recommend to carry out a preventive massage, which effectively prevents the accumulation of fluid in the body. Very effective therapeutic exercises, in which there are twists and turns and slopes.

Diet with pleurisy

Medical nutrition in pleurisy purports to quickly reduce inflammation and boost immunity. To do this, follow these rules:

We need to reduce the consumption of foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates and salty foods.
It recommended to reduce the amount of liquid consumed 700 ml per day.
Note that the body needs to receive vitamins, especially vitamin A, which is in foods such as liver, milk, fish, etc.
In addition, when the body needs pleurisy vitamin P, which can be obtained by eating citrus, black currant, and buckwheat, as well as vitamin D, contained in the kidneys and liver.
It is recommended to include in the menu of salads with carrots, cottage cheese casseroles and milk soups.
Completely eliminate the need to meats, canned foods and salty foods.
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