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» » Treatment Eyesore of folk remedies

Treatment Eyesore of folk remedies

Treatment Eyesore of folk remedies

What an eyesore (wall-eye): Symptoms, Causes

Leukoma, leukoma or eye - corneal opacity due inflammation therein, unlike the cataract, which is the only lens opacities. Most often, in order to get rid of the disease, should be resorted to surgery.

Eyesore, a person may be congenital or acquired. In the first case, the disease is the result of inflammatory processes in the course of the womb. This pathology corneal scarring is rare.

The acquired form of the disease is the most common. Causes scarring on the cornea are different:

Ophthalmic diseases. It is, first of all, keratitis, with untimely or improperly treatment which forms an eyesore.
Mechanical damage to the eye, as well as thermal and chemical burns.
Surgery, which requires breaking the upper stratum corneum.

Symptoms of eyesore of the following:

The acquisition of the cornea porcelain - white color.
Reducing the image quality and the appearance of mist before his eyes.
Loss of visual acuity.
At the first signs should contact an ophthalmologist because delayed treatment can cause a partial wall-eye, and even complete loss of vision.

Treatment eyesor of folk remedies: homemade recipes

It is worth noting that treatment eyesore in the home is not possible. Even medical therapy does not always help to get rid of the disease, and to restore vision necessary surgery. However, the use of popular recipes can greatly facilitate the patient's condition and significantly speed up the recovery.

treatment eyesore onions

In oriental medicine, this product has been successfully used for the treatment and rehabilitation of wall-eye. It takes just a Red onion.

From a small onion necessary to squeeze the juice to be used of eye drops.
Bury need 1-2 drops for one month.
Onion juice can be diluted with milk in a 1: 1 ratio to reduce irritation.
Instillation procedure should be performed 3 times a week.

Treatment eyesore of honey

There are a few popular recipes on the basis of honey to help with the wall-eye.

It is necessary to mix the fresh onion juice in a quantity of one teaspoon of honey and the same.
Bury cooked the drug should be in the patient eye two drops three times a day for a month.

In addition, there is another effective medicine that can be made from honey, fresh juice and onion juice dandelion.

It is necessary to take a tablespoon of each component, to mix and infuse for four days.
After that, it is recommended to lay a small amount of the mixture of the eyelid three times a day.

Treatment eyesore of sugar

Sugar can significantly weaken the wall-eye symptoms.

It should be using the grinder to make their sugar powder and sift it.
It is necessary to take a plastic tube 10 cm in length and carry out the injection of powder into the affected eye. W
a day is recommended to carry out up to 10 treatments. At the same time there may be discomfort, which will be held soon.
Estimated course of treatment - 2 weeks.

Treatment Eyesore of folk remedies

Treatment eyesore dill

Dill - no less effective means, which ease the symptoms of the disease.

To prepare a healing potion, you need to carefully chop the fresh dill.
Two tablespoon of raw material is recommended to pour two cups of boiling water, boil for five minutes more.
The broth must insist for two hours and strain.
Instilled eye drops three times a day two.

Treatment eyesore with salt

The same amount of salt and sugar is necessary to grind into powder. The resulting powder should be injected into the affected eye.

On a blank piece of paper, you need to pour the powder.
Then you need to ask someone blew the powder into the eye with a wall-eye.
After the procedure is recommended to instill honey drops.
The number of sessions depends entirely on the patient's state of health.

Treatment eyesore with herbs

Herbal Medicine has always helped to cure eye diseases. There are a number of effective popular recipes on the basis of medicinal herbs.

Treatment Eyesore of folk remedies

Еyebright- the plant from which prepare medicinal decoction for compresses:

A tablespoon of herbs to pour 200 ml of boiling water, and drain.
Apply cotton pads, pre-soaked in broth, for centuries, three times a day.
The prepared infusion can be used inside the Gulf of boiled water a teaspoon of herbs. Drink ? cup three times a day during meals.

Prevention eyesore includes the following activities:

Maintaining the correct way of life: a balanced diet, an active lifestyle, absence of bad habits.
Prevent eye injury.
Proper and timely treatment of eye diseases.
Traditional medicine recommends the use of the following curative medicine for the prevention of eye diseases:

Mix ovchanku, arnica, elderberry and cornflower blue in equal proportions.
A tablespoon of herb collection should make a glass of boiling water, leave for two hours and strain.
This medicine may be washed eyes or to make compresses for the night.
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