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» » How to reduce blood sugar at home without drugs

How to reduce blood sugar at home without drugs

How to reduce blood sugar at home without drugs

The rate of blood sugar in humans: the symptoms and causes high blood sugar

The level of glucose is one of the most important biological indicators. Normal blood sugar levels on an empty stomach should be 3.6 - 5.8 mmol / liter. Of course, the exact value can not be determined because it depends on the individual characteristics of each person.

However, sometimes there are failures in the body and violated the metabolic processes. The body stops producing sufficient insulin and, therefore, the blood sugar level is significantly increased.

The main causes of high blood sugar:

genetic predisposition;
severe stress;
infectious diseases;
the presence of such diseases as diabetes mellitus;
frequent eating, in the presence of large amounts of dietary digestible carbohydrates.

Symptoms of high blood sugar:

Constant thirst may indicate problems with the sugar. When the sugar is normal, the kidneys work more actively to filter its overabundance. Thirst - a signal that you need to make up for missing liquid.
Feeling tired at elevated glucose level appears very often. This is because sugar remains in the blood and does not enter the cells, thus the cells do not receive the necessary energy.
Dizziness is also considered a sign of high blood glucose.
Swelling of the hands and feet.
Numbness, pain in arms and legs when changing weather conditions.
The deterioration of the appearance before the eyes of the fog, black spots, flashes.
Wounds that do not heal for a long time.
Rapid weight loss.

Reduction in blood sugar at home, you can achieve if you stick to a specific diet. It is advisable to eat foods that lower blood sugar:

Vegetables: celery, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, etc.
Fruits: cherries, lemons, apples, avocados, strawberries, melon, banana, citrus, etc.
Spices: linseed oil, mustard, ginger, cinnamon, raw garlic.
Nuts and beans.
White fish, rabbit meat and chicken.

To date, in order to control the level of glucose is not necessary to attend the laboratory. You can use the quick method of using the meter. If the results are within the allowable ranges, you should see a specialist for further treatment.

How to reduce blood sugar folk remedies: homemade recipes

Some people use drugs, while others consider lowering blood sugar without medication more effective way.

How to reduce blood sugar at home without drugs

How to lower blood sugar in oats

Oats - a very powerful tool that is used to treat many diseases, including to reduce glucose levels. The therapeutic agent is very easy to prepare.

Half cup of oats need to pour 600 ml of boiled water.
It is necessary to boil the mixture in a water bath for 15 minutes, then to insist about an hour.
It is recommended to take ? cup of broth three times a day before meals.
Duration of treatment oats - 30 days. Equally helpful would be the juice from the stalks of oats, which is recommended to take half a glass before a meal twice a day.

How to reduce blood sugar flax seeds

Flax seeds must be grind in a coffee grinder.
After this, a teaspoon of prepared powder to pour 200 ml of boiled water.
Infuse for 30-40 minutes, then cool.
The infusion should be prepared to squeeze the juice of half a lemon.
Infusion of strain is not necessary. After cooking, you need to drink it in one gulp, then do not eat for 2 hours.
If you follow the recommendations, the glucose levels start to decline in 3 hours. You can also use whole flaxseed, adding it to salads and cereals.

How to reduce blood sugar at home without drugs

How to lower blood sugar in buckwheat

Buckwheat is considered to be not less effective tool, which will help to achieve the desired level of blood glucose. Good buckwheat that contains little carbohydrates, but many nutrients.

Groats need to grind in a coffee grinder.
Every evening, a tablespoon of milled buckwheat to pour 200 ml of yogurt and infuse overnight.
It is recommended to take a mixture of cooked daily on an empty stomach one hour before meals.

How to reduce blood sugar onions

Onions have a beneficial effect on the body and reduce the level of glucose, if drinking a tablespoon of onion juice before meals.
Also, archery can be useful to prepare a tincture. To do this, grind a small onion and pour a glass of cool water. Infuse for 2 hours. Take third cup three times a day.
Another useful and affordable recipe - baked onions. It is necessary to bake in the oven bulbs, without clearing them from the skin. To achieve the desired result you need to eat for two bulbs three times a day before meals.

How to reduce blood sugar chicory

Specialists proved that chicory is very useful in diabetes.

You can drink the beverage based on chicory, which is sold in every pharmacy and supermarket.
A teaspoon of chicory need to pour boiling water and infuse 30 minutes.
Take half a cup three times a day.
You can also prepare a decoction of chicory root.

To do this, a teaspoon of crushed chicory root pour a glass of boiled water, put on a low heat and cook for 10 minutes.
After that insist for an hour and take on a tablespoon before eating.

How to reduce blood sugar at home without drugs

How to reduce blood sugar walnut

To combat this problem it is recommended to use walnut and walnut concrete walls. From them it is necessary to prepare a decoction according to the following recipe:

40g partition to pour 400 ml of water and mix well;
put on fire and cook on low heat for 50-60 minutes;
Drink a tablespoon of broth every day before each meal.

How to reduce blood sugar horseradish

For treatment will need horseradish root, you want to grate and mix with sour milk in a ratio of 1:10. Do not use yogurt instead of sour milk.
The resulting mixture should be taken three times a day on a tablespoon before meals.
This means your blood sugar level will drop gradually.

How to reduce blood sugar lemon

To cope with this problem will help a well-known lemon.

For the preparation of a therapeutic agent needed to squeeze the juice of one lemon and add the egg, mix thoroughly into it.
Take a cocktail you need in the morning, an hour before breakfast.
Course - 3 day break - 10 days.
The course of treatment can be repeated.

How to reduce blood sugar at home without drugs

How to reduce blood sugar vegetable juices

Vegetable juice - an indispensable tool for reducing blood glucose. To prepare the treatment solution should be mixed in equal amounts, potato, beet and cabbage juice.

For positive results the juice should be taken in a specific pattern. It is necessary to drink a third of a glass of juice before taking the morning and evening meals. After a week of treatment vegetable juices will be noticeable results, and the blood sugar level drops.

How to reduce blood sugar herbs

Herbal - versatile helpers. Lower glucose levels will help these herbs like nettle, dandelion, lime blossom, leaves cranberries, blueberries, etc. 2 tablespoons herbs pour a glass of boiled water and insist. Drinking herbal infusions three times a day.

There are cases where using herbal infusions sugar levels come back to normal and diabetes retreated. Herbal teas, such as hawthorn, hips are also useful for lowering blood glucose. 

Prevention and useful tips on how to quickly lower blood sugar at home

When blood sugar levels are elevated, the doctor will recommend a strict diet. When glucose levels rise in blood diet diet might look like this:

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, buckwheat and milk, tea from the hips.

Snack: fruit juice without sugar.

Lunch: vegetable soup, meatballs, steamed tea.

Snack: unsweetened fruit.

Dinner: baked fish, braised cabbage and tea.

Before going to bed it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir.
We add that the diet in diabetes has a lot of nuances and should be discussed with your doctor.
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