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» » How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

Increased body temperature in humans: symptoms, causes, types

We all know that the body temperature is normal, if it is 36.6 - 37 degrees. If the body penetrate viruses and the immune system is triggered for other reasons, it can be increased. This means that the body against viruses and infections begins to fight on their own.

Many are concerned about the issue when you need to shoot down the temperature. The answer to this is simple: the temperature below 38.5 knock is not desirable, since it detrimental effect on viruses and transported relatively easily. But the temperature should be in excess of 38.5 is already lowering.

Types of elevated temperature:

low-grade (37-38 ° C);
febrile (38-39 ° C);
pireticheskaya (39-41 ° C);
giperpireticheskaya (more than 41 ° C).
The main causes of high temperature

phase of the menstrual cycle in women;
the development of the inflammatory process;
reduction of the protective properties of an organism;
surgical intervention.
The main symptoms of high temperature include:

vomiting and weakness;
headache and chills;
lack of appetite, pain in the feet and hands;
rapid heartbeat and sweating.
The most effective anti-pyretic drugs are considered to be aspirin and paracetamol. However, reduction of body temperature without drugs is not only possible, but no less effective. Reducing the temperature at home is possible only if it does not exceed 39 ° C.

Pireticheskaya giperpireticheskaya and temperature are considered very dangerous, when it reaches its mark of 42.2 ° C, in the body there are irreversible processes that are dangerous to human life.

How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

How to bring down a fever without medicine: folk remedies

There are many popular recipes that help get rid of heat. They are available for home use and are effective.

How to bring down the temperature of the child

When the crumb is suffering from the heat, my mother, of course, he does not find a place for himself and trying all sorts of ways to knock it. To bring down a fever the baby at home, it is recommended to perform the following activities:

It should provide cool air in the room. Harboring and otherwise warm the baby is not necessary, as it can even be dangerous. When the room is cool, the child will lose heat, and the heat reduced.
Liberally poite baby warm tea, stewed fruit, raisin water.
Reduce the temperature of the crumbs, you can use vinegar. To do this, dilute the water and vinegar in equal proportions and rub the baby's legs and handles the resulting solution.
In no case do not force the baby to lie on the ground, if he does not want to do, do not make your child an enema or cover with a wet sheet or towel.

How to bring down the temperature of an adult

First we need to ensure that adult excessive drinking of tea with honey, raspberry or currant. After drinking copious perspiration and heat will decrease. If these actions did not lead to a positive result, you should move on to more active methods:

It is necessary to take off her clothes and wipe the body of alcohol, and then lie down without being covered with a blanket.
It is considered to be an effective means of tea with a spoon of cognac or vodka.
After drinking the tea, you need to go to bed and sleep.
When heat citrus considered very effective, so it is advisable to eat an orange or grapefruit.

How to bring down the temperature during pregnancy

In pregnancy, as is known, not all can be used antipyretics, so as not to harm the fetus. Even an ordinary paracetamol expectant mothers can be taken only after consultation with a specialist. The most effective way to reduce heat during pregnancy is the use of water, fruit compotes and fruit drinks.

Rubbing vinegar or vodka expectant mothers is contraindicated, but sponging with warm water is very useful. Every woman must remember that even the use of traditional methods to reduce the heat should only be done under a doctor's supervision.

How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

How to bring down the temperature of a nursing mother

Fever is dangerous not only for the nursing mother, but also for her baby. Safe antipyretic are candles that contain acetaminophen or ibuprofen. As for children, women during lactation can help sponging with warm some water or a mild vinegar solution.

It is also important to drink a lot. However, it should be used only teas, fruit drinks or fruit drinks, which the baby can not be allergic.

How to bring down the temperature in infants

When in infants with fever, his parents need to settle down and start taking the necessary measures. The home medicine cabinet every mom should be antipyretics such as antipyretic syrup and special candles. Candles are used in the case in infants started vomiting. Giving syrup it would be pointless.

To reduce fever in infants is recommended sponging with warm water. The water heated to 37 ° C, it is necessary to lower the gauze, and then applying it to the calf infant.

How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

How to bring down the temperature of the vinegar

For wiping you need to take an apple or ordinary vinegar.

Prepare a vinegar solution is quite simple: in 0.5 liters of water is necessary to pour a tablespoon of vinegar. To prepare the solution, it is desirable in an enamel pot.
Before rubdown need to undress, wet gauze in acetic water and gently wiping her skin.
As a result, the vinegar will start to evaporate quickly, and decrease body temperature.

How to bring down the temperature of the enema

Enema also an effective antipyretic.

It should be 100 ml of water, add a teaspoon of beet juice and 2 teaspoons salt.
With this treatment solution need an enema.
It is important to remember that the use of an enema can only specialist recommendations.

How to bring down the temperature of a cold compress

Cold compresses are considered to be effective if applied properly.

The ice should be wrapped in a clean cloth or polyethylene.
Directly to the body of the ice is not recommended to apply.
Cold compresses can be applied to the temples, neck, forehead.

How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

How to bring down the temperature of vodka (alcohol)

By wiping vodka or alcohol health workers are treated differently. For this reason, using this method, they are advised to only in extreme cases.

To prepare an alcohol solution must be diluted with alcohol, vodka or the same amount of water.
Wiping the body should be gently, avoiding the face and genitals.
How to bring down the temperature of herbs

Prevention and useful tips on how to quickly bring down the temperature in the home

We have listed the common ways of dealing with the heat. However, to more effective treatments were:

It is necessary to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition;
Drink plenty of fluids;
There are as many fruits and vegetables.
Do not forget about physical activity and lack of bad habits.
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