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» » Treatment of reflux esophagitis by folk remedies

Treatment of reflux esophagitis by folk remedies

What is reflux esophagitis: Symptoms and Causes

Reflux esophagitis - a disease of the digestive system, which is characterized by damage to the mucous membrane of the lower esophagus as a result of being hit by the gastric juice.

The main reason for the development of reflux esophagitis is a malfunction of the lower esophageal sphincter, which starts to pass the contents of the stomach. Dysfunction esophageal sphincter predispose the following factors:

Malnutrition (coffee, alcohol, spicy, fatty, etc.);
Peptic ulcer disease, gastritis;
Ongoing work in the slope;
Long-term use of certain medications.
[u]Reflux esophagitis esophagus characterized by the following symptoms:

Belching or air sour taste, heartburn;
Burning and pain in the chest and esophagus;
Hiccups, regurgitation.
Clinically accepted to allocate following types of the disease - acute, chronic, catarrhal, erosive, non-erosive, surface, pseudomembranous, flegmanozny distal and peptic.

People's treatment of reflux esophagitis at an early stage of the disease is a great alternative to expensive medication procedures. Alternative Medicine, referring to his rich arsenal of many medicinal recipes in the gastro - gastrointestinal reflux, aims to protect and removal of esophageal inflammation, neutralizing the acidity and raise the tone of the LES.

For this purpose, it made use of the following traditional remedies for the treatment of reflux oesophagitis:

Medicinal herbs, roots and plants - licorice, sweet flag, aloe vera, chamomile, dandelion, marshmallow, flax seed, lemon balm, motherwort, and many others;
Apple cider vinegar, potato juice, fennel seeds, rose hips, celery.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis in adults

Among adults, the flow of reflux esophagitis is accompanied by constant heartburn and regurgitation, pain in the sternum, the feeling of "lump" in his throat and the "gravity" in the stomach.

For more effective treatment of gastro - food reflux, except medicinal drugs that adults should follow the additional guidelines:

Follow the diet therapy;
Unsubscribe from wearing tight clothing and rough belts, pressing on the abdomen;
Abandon existing bad habits;
Do not lean forward and do not take a horizontal position after a meal.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis in children

For childhood, the disease provokes the appearance of acid regurgitation, frequent vomiting, hiccups and stomach pains. After an appropriate examination, the child shall be appointed enveloping antacid preparaty? diet therapy, physiotherapy and vitamins.

In the home of the child's menu excluded products, contributing to the development of the disease, weak medicinal teas used.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis in pregnant women

The pressure on the abdomen, exerted by the growing fetus during pregnancy, often leads to the development of esophagitis and esophageal manifestation of symptoms associated to it.

During this period, the basic treatment is diet, rules for the use of food and lifestyle. If necessary, a pregnant woman appointed antacid enveloping means completely safe for the child and for the mother.

From traditional medicine are allowed to use the weak broth chamomile or St. John's wort, and potato juice.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis by folk remedies

People's treatment of reflux oesophagitis: homemade recipes

Treatment of acute reflux esophagitis

Two teaspoons comminuted fennel seeds placed in a beaker of boiling water for two hours, then strain and drink the infusion four times daily.
30 ml aloe juice diluted in 50 ml of warm water boiled and consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.

Treatment of chronic reflux esophagitis

Celery root wash, chop, squeeze the juice and consume it before a meal in the amount of a teaspoon.
Take two teaspoons wormwood and mint with a teaspoon daisies, grass then mix, pour a liter of boiling water them for two hours. The resulting filtered infusion take before meals for half a glass of.

Treatment of erosive reflux esophagitis

Prepare a collection of 10 c. fruit, anise, marjoram, marigold, lemon balm, nettle root and mountaineer, and then take a tablespoon collection, put it in 200 ml of boiling water, leave for three hours and strain.
Take the infusion should be ready every hour for 50 ml.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis by folk remedies

Treatment of non-erosive reflux esophagitis

Collect and mix of the following herbs: two tablespoons chamomile, flax seeds, psyllium; one tablespoon lemon balm, motherwort, licorice root;
The resulting mixture of two tablespoons volume Pour a couple of cups of boiling water, then put on 15 minutes in a water bath, after which the broth infuse for two hours.
Take the medicine ready to be four times daily 0.5 cups.

Treatment of superficial reflux esophagitis

Take a dessert spoon on St. John's wort, chamomile and sweet flag root, put them in 500 ml of boiling water, boil, and insist 2 hours.
Ready to take a decoction three times daily before meals for ? cup.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis catarrhal

A two-liter jar put a dandelion flowers, pour them with sugar (300 gr.), Followed by pound and wait until the flowers give the juice.
The resulting healing syrup should be used three times daily for teaspoons, diluted in half a glass of warm water.

Treatment of peptic reflux esophagitis

Prepare components - two tablespoons rinsed dried rosehips, l have just the boiled milk.
Put the milk in a dog rose, insist 5 hours, then strain and drink throughout the day instead of tea.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis potatoes

Take two parts of water per part of the washed potatoes, put on the fire for an hour, periodically adding water.
After the elapsed time the broth pour into another container and take not less than 6 times daily half cup, preferably before meals.

Treatment of reflux esophagitis herbs

A teaspoon of flaxseed pour ? cup of boiling water and remove at night. On the morning of the finished mixture should be consumed on an empty stomach.
Duration of treatment - 5 days, after which you need to make a ten-day break.

Prevention and useful tips on how to facilitate and normalize the condition of the patient at the reflux esophagitis

Treatment of reflux esophagitis by folk remedies

Diet for reflux esophagitis is the mainstay of therapy, without which greatly reduced the effectiveness of a drug, and national treatment. In clinical nutrition, helps to relieve inflammation of the esophagus include:

Fermented milk, low-fat dairy products in a shabby;
Lenten Soup;
Boiled or steam lean meat;
Baked mashed apples;
Semi-liquid porridge with butter;
Soaked in tea or milk, crackers;
Scrambled eggs;
Milk, weak tea, or chamomile teas Dog rose.
The main recommendations are powered by six-time fractional food intake, eating a late dinner and exclusion and rejection of the liquid immediately after a meal.

Prevention of reflux esophagitis disease consists of the following recommendations:

To get rid of excess weight;
To refuse too fatty and spicy dishes;
Limit the intake of drugs, adversely affecting the digestive organs;
Moderate drinking alcohol;
Avoid eating fast food;
Do not take a horizontal position immediately after a meal;
Wear loose-fitting clothing;
On the raw water to wash down the food.
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