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myositis Home Treatment

Pharmaceutical care

 In most cases, myositis back muscles caused by hypothermia, can be treated at home without going to the doctor. Diagnose the disease (not passing on the pain after resting against sharp temperature drop, drafts), is recommended for at least 3 days to comply with bed rest, taking care to avoid re-exposure. The bed of the patient must be tough.

 Treatment plan:

 Excluding the kidneys, apply warming ointment pain site (Voltaren, Finalgon, Kapsikam) or pound poluspirtovym solution or vodka, and then wrap a warm scarf back. Using ointment should be sure that the back was just zastuzhena as bacterial myositis warming could threaten the development of purulent process;

 Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (indomethacin, diclofenac, Revmoksikam) for instructions.

 In severe pain, you can use pain medication (Baralgin, Ketorol, Analgin), but it should be borne in mind that the previous group of drugs also has the ability to analgesia, to combine these drugs undesirable. During therapy, it is recommended to limit the use of fluid and salt (to prevent swelling).

 If after 3 days the pain has not diminished, but increased, discontinue therapy and contact a specialist for further diagnosis.

Sometimes back pain in women can not talk about myositis, and an escalating disease of the reproductive organs, and severe discomfort under left shoulder blade - serve as a precursor to myocardial infarction.

myositis Home Treatment

Traditional medicine

 Excluding the possible contraindications to consult your doctor for the treatment of hypothermia back at home, you can use folk remedies, many of which are not inferior in their effectiveness pharmacy drugs

These include:

 Compress of cabbage leaves.

 Leaf cabbage is necessary to lubricate the honey applied to the patient area and secure with a bandage. To enhance the effect of warm, honey can be added to vegetable oil and mustard (or horseradish) in equal proportions.

 The compress of boiled potatoes.

 Mashed potatoes puree hot, cooked "in uniform", it is recommended to put on the cover of 2-3 layers of cotton cloth affected areas. When the mass has cooled, remove the potatoes, back, carefully rub cologne or vodka and warm wrap. The procedure is best done at night.

Rubbing fir balsam.

 100 ml of melted fat (pork or goose) must be mixed with 100 ml of pine oil and applied as a compress to the skin for 30-60 minutes and then wrap back. Keep the balm recommended sterilized container with a tight lid. Before the procedure, make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the oil - for that mix 10 drops of any vegetable oil with one drop of pine and put on a small area of ??skin. In the absence of stimulation can be used to treat signs of balm.

  Remove tension from the muscles, relax them well with a light massage with essential oils. To get rid of a spasm, it is recommended to lubricate the affected area with a mixture of vegetable and aromatic oils (2: 1) and gently rub the pumping movements, in any case, not by force. Possess analgesic effect of peppermint oil, lavender, sage, juniper, antipyretic to include ginger oil, lemon, chamomile.

 What not to do when blown back?

 Acute back pain caused by hypothermia, it is not recommended:

 Visit the sauna or take a hot bath;

 Making a very hot compresses;

 Apply a thick layer of ointment warming;

 Doing gymnastics, yoga.

myositis Home Treatment

Procedures to excessive warming of the site, may lead to the opposite effect - the formation of edema, enhancement of inflammation and pain that worsen the disease. Take a bath before the recovery is not recommended - it is better to warm the back under a warm shower.

 Perform reducing exercise is desirable only after the muscle spasm is removed with warm compresses, and the nature of the pain will be replaced with a sharp and deep aching and superficial. And even in this case, do gymnastics should be with great caution, stopping lessons immediately on the appearance of discomfort.
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