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» » 5 effective popular recipes from the salt deposits

5 effective popular recipes from the salt deposits

1. Honey and raisins

 This method is intended to stabilize the water-salt metabolism and reduce the accumulation of salts in the joints. It takes one kilogram of raisins pitted and fresh honey (produced in the current year and has not yet had time to sugar). It is the patient's breakfast will consist of these products within 20 days, with raisin and honey meal must alternate.

 The method proved to be excellent: pain in most patients become weaker after the first week of its use. Such treatment can be carried out not more than once a year. It should be noted that this method is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes.

5 effective popular recipes from the salt deposits

2. Bay leaves

 Popular spice not only improves the taste of food, but also helps to remove excess salt from the body. The effect is achieved by the action of substances capable of tone small blood vessels and increase blood flow.

 To prepare the broth must take 4-5 laurel leaves of medium size, pour them a half cups of boiling water, boil for 3 minutes and pour the entire mixture into a thermos overnight. In the morning you need to drain fluid and start to take 2 teaspoons between meals (3-4 times a day). The fact that the drug has started to operate, would indicate a change in urine color (it will acquire a pinkish hue), and frequent urination. The course of treatment should be 3 days. In the absence of negative effects, it should be repeated after a week's break. In the future, this method of purification of the salts can be used not earlier than six months.

 Application broth bay leaf requires strict control of diet: the period of treatment is necessary to limit intake of fatty, spicy and fried foods, give preference to vegetable and milk dishes, completely give up alcohol. Failure to comply with these conditions can lead to poor health. In addition, it must be remembered that the drug has a strong diuretic and tonic effect, so this treatment has many contraindications.

 Broth bay leaf should not be taken:

 Pregnant women and nursing mothers;
 Patients suffering from diabetes;
 People with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease, as well as a tendency to frequent constipation.

5 effective popular recipes from the salt deposits

3. Cranberry

 Unique Siberian plants, berries and leaves of which have potent anti-inflammatory and diuretic, and is used to normalize the process of removing salt from the body.

 In order to reduce the growth of osteophytes can take one of two preparations:

 Tea leaves cranberries. To prepare the 10 g charge of dry material, pour 100 ml of boiling water and allowed to stand for 2 hours. Infusion should be taken 2-3 tablespoons twice a day - 30 minutes before breakfast and before bedtime. The course of treatment - 2 months;

 Infusion of fruits. Ripe berries are placed in a glass or earthenware, filling it by a third, and top up to the top with cold boiled water. After a week of infusion water can start to drink with almost no restrictions. We need only remember that the very berry, cowberry and water contain a large amount of organic acids, which may negatively affect the health of people with high acidity of gastric juice.

 In order to facilitate the recovery of the body and a variety of disease states and used crude berry cranberries, and squeezed the juice out of it, and lingonberry jam. Tea from the leaves of the plant and cowberry water really relieve pain resulting from the deposition of salts: no wonder the representatives of the peoples of the North, from ancient times to consume these drinks, practically are not familiar with this kind of ailments.

5 effective popular recipes from the salt deposits

4. Figure

 The grains of cereal are able to work as a sorbent, binding salt and exempting them from the body. Obviously, this rice is prepared in a special way (the usual therapeutic action of porridge does not have).

 To obtain a preparation should:

 Pour 3 tablespoons rice spoon one liter of water and leave for the night;

 In the morning the water decant, pour the rice again and boil for 5 minutes;

 Wash the rump and boil it in fresh water for 5 minutes;

 Repeat the last step two more times. Cereals, cooked 4 times, you need to eat breakfast in the form of heat, and to refrain from eating for the next three hours. The ten-day course of the treatment thoroughly relieves patients: relieves pain, eliminates crunching, increases joint mobility.

5 effective popular recipes from the salt deposits

5. Pharmaceutical herbal

  Today, the sale is a set of products manufactured on the basis of medicinal plants and intended for the normalization of water-salt metabolism, and to reduce the intensity of symptoms arising from its violation. This dosage forms for oral administration, as well as various rubbing, ointments and gels. Especially popular drugs, which include Potentilla, comfrey, elder berries red, St. John's wort, barberry bark, birch buds.

5 effective popular recipes from the salt deposits

Have a preventive effect, and many processed foods. The menu human suffering malfunctioning water-salt metabolism, be sure to include melons and watermelon, persimmons, plums, fresh herbs (parsley and dill).

The use of traditional treatments, salt deposits requires a literate approach. In particular, it is necessary:

 Include in the diet of patients with a large amount of dried fruit to fill the loss of potassium. The fact is that most used drugs induce diuresis, and as a result, leaching from the body of this trace element;

 Monitor the regular alternation of work and rest, avoid heavy loads. Many folk remedies are powerful, their use becomes a stress to the body;

 Exactly follow the recommended dosage, not to disturb the frequency of reception, not to exceed the duration of the course does not use multiple methods simultaneously. Otherwise, treatment is not only not help, but harm.

 Most of the popular ways to alleviate the symptoms of salt deposits can be combined with conventional medical therapy, but how to do it correctly, experts know. Therefore, before the use of such methods is necessary to consult a doctor.
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