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» » How to overcome insomnia - Proven Ways

How to overcome insomnia - Proven Ways

How to overcome insomnia - Proven Ways

Causes of insomnia
Sleep disturbance requires a comprehensive approach, but before you dive in search of folk remedies for insomnia, it is necessary to identify the root cause of this condition. They may be associated with various pathological conditions and diseases, and a place of rest.

It is impossible to list all the reasons for insomnia, but it is necessary to identify those that are the most common.

Chronic diseases. Sleep disorders can cause a variety of diseases of the nervous system, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, pain, mental and neurological disorders.
Pregnancy. Almost every woman during pregnancy disturbed sleep. In the first trimester of the reason may be a change in hormonal levels in the later period because of back pain and fetal movements, and before the birth, women often can not find a comfortable position.
Schedule. This is the reason most often is a major, among the factors not related to the disease. More and more people tend to linger in the evening at the TV screen or a computer, thereby allowing himself to sleep at the right time. The failure of biorhythms also lead daily work and jet lag when traveling.
Mental and physical fatigue. Contrary to popular belief is not always exercise a pledge of strong healthy sleep. Fatigue after exercise or hard work can lead to convulsions, cause involuntary muscle contractions and pain that does not relax. A similar effect have experience thrills and mental stress, especially before going to sleep a person has to think and solve complex problems that haunt the moment of falling asleep.
Stress. Nervous tension, unforeseen circumstances, trouble at work and other stress factors cause excessive strain on the nervous system, keep in constant tension, do not allow to relax, and then go to sleep even deeper sleep.
Soft drinks and alcohol. Coffee and tea, which most people are accustomed to eat during the day, have a tonic effect on the body, and therefore do not allow to sleep. Therefore it is better to use a drink in the morning and in the evening to replace them with milk or compote. People abusing alcohol dream, as a rule, is very different from the normal. Most often there is excessive drowsiness during the day, in the evening a man can lie in bed for a long time without sleep and night sleep becomes shallow and intermittent. Most often insomnia occurs with a hangover after the binge, or when an overloaded nervous system can not relax.
Food. The habit of eating before bedtime, especially heavy meat and spicy food also does not give the body to shut down. It is desirable that after a meal before going to bed a few hours have passed, and heavy meals is recommended to replace dairy products and vegetables.
Sleeping area. Excite the person can no comfort in the bedroom, noises and smells, too bright lighting, uncomfortable bed.

How to overcome insomnia - Proven Ways

Wondering how to cope with insomnia alone, be aware that sleep disorders caused by chronic diseases need to treat the cause rather than a consequence.

Only after medical treatment of the underlying disease, if sleep is not normal, it is necessary to resort to national methods. In other cases, it really cope with the sleep disorder yourself.

On the problem of insomnia should be approached comprehensively, to try different means to find the best option.

For people suffering from insomnia may be advisable to observe the following rules:

To live by the clock
My daily routine should be as close to the daily biorhythms, ie up early and going to bed no later than 22 hours. It should also give up the afternoon nap.

Observe the night "ritual" for bedtime
The human body gets used to not only to live by the clock, but also responds to certain actions as a signal for an early sleep. It is useful to create for themselves a ritual bedtime, which includes a series of actions aimed at relaxing the body. For example, take a warm bath or shower, ventilate the bathroom, brush your teeth, turn off the phone, start the Service, read a few pages of the book soporific calm. Over time, our subconscious mind will begin to perceive these actions as a signal to sleep.

A good sedative can become prayer. The words of the prayer appease, help to relax and disconnect from the daily problems. A similar effect is produced and folk charms from insomnia, which helps give the body the installation of an early sleep.

Use the bedroom only for sleep
The bedroom and the bed should be used for its intended purpose. The body has to get used to what you need to sleep in a bed, and not to eat, to write, to engage in the documents, etc. Furnishings bedrooms should act reassuringly. The light should be diffused and subdued, and the window is desirable to hang dark curtains. Of great importance is a comfortable bed and linens. Scientists have proved that linen dark tones, combined with dark wallpaper lets you fall asleep faster.

How to overcome insomnia - Proven Ways
Vegetables, fruits, berries, and dairy products, as a natural sleeping pill

Fruits and vegetables molokoZdorovy deep sleep depends on the amount of the hormone melatonin, which is present in significant amounts in the ripe cherries, cherry and cherry plum. Use 100-120 grams of this fruit helps normalize sleep. Help with insomnia and bananas. They contain large amounts of potassium and magnesium, which helps to relax the nervous system.

Doctors recommend a vegetable diet as the most affordable remedy for insomnia at home. Vegetables and herbs for dinner, combined with lean meats and whole grain bread will help more easily absorbed by the body and does not interfere with sleep. The most "sleepy" vegetable lettuce can be called that helps relieve tension and is an essential part of all diets.

Falling asleep promotes the use of milk and dairy products. They contain large amounts of calcium and tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin and melanin. These substances are involved in the regulation of behavior and help to overcome the anxiety, headache, insomnia, and other nervous system disorders. Quickly go to sleep helps a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey.

Herbs to fight insomnia
motherwort herb healers Scientists know a great number of herbs has a calming effect on the nervous system. The most popular herbs for the treatment of insomnia are: hops, valerian, Leonurus, mint, lemon balm, chamomile, peony, willow-herb, lavender, jasmine, California poppy.
One of the simplest and most accessible means of a camomile tea, tea rose, peony and willow-herb. These herbs can be brewed like regular tea alone or in a mixture, and add to green tea. Similarly, take the infusion of hops and valerian.
An effective remedy is alcoholate peony root. To this crude drug poured alcohol in a ratio of 1:10 and pushing at least 7 days. Within a month, take 30-40 drops 2-3 times a day.
Lavender and jasmine calming effect thanks to its high content of essential oils. Sprigs of these plants are placed under a pillow or under the bed and hang dried bouquets in the bedroom.
It is worth noting that one should not expect instant action from the grass. The effect of infusions, decoctions and teas can be felt no earlier than 2 weeks.

How to overcome insomnia - Proven WaysSports and walks, as a means of normalizing sleep

In deciding how to get rid of insomnia should pay special attention to exercise. However, to avoid exhausting training and pay attention to the light physical activity, such as yoga. This is considered to be curative gymnastics and perfectly affects the body, normalizing the operation of all systems.

A great alternative to yoga classes can be walking. Enough for 20-30 minutes walk with a light step and breathe the air, it will become sleepy.
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