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» » 4 prescription cleanse the stomach

4 prescription cleanse the stomach

4 prescription cleanse the stomach

Recipe №1

Peel eggplant contains antimicrobial agents that have the ability to cleanse the bowel and gastric mucosa against harmful bacteria. And Aubergine seeds well clear intestinal tract bacteria, slime and worms. Furthermore, eggplant contains tartronic acid which regulates fat (lipid) exchange. Therefore, they are very useful for obesity.

Recipe №2

You can clear the stomach and with the help of needles broth: take five tablespoons spoons of pine needles, shredded and fill it with two cups of boiling water. Put on low heat and cook for 10 minutes, and then insist night in a warm place. The next morning the broth is filtered and poured into a thermos. Eat warm during the day, every 25 minutes, replacing it with broth plain water. Prepare a decoction should be every night. After cleansing, fasting morning drink a glass of decoction of chamomile, rose, mint or knotweed. Twice a month, drink during the day three cups of water with the addition of honey.

Recipe №3

Every morning, do, and eat the juice of cabbage. Start with small doses, such as 50 grams or less. Gradually bringing the dose to the whole cup. This juice is also very useful for ulcers.

Recipe №4

Take garlic and fill it with vodka quality (in the ratio 1: 5). Garlic should be washed without the film, crushed under pressure or in a meat grinder. This infusion is necessary to insist for a week in a warm place (20 degrees). Then squeeze the pulp and pour infusion into a bowl with a tight lid lapped. Properly cooked infusion is yellow, transparent color and light garlic flavor. Eat 5 drops of water infusions spoon three times a day.
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