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This drink to cleanse your body

In order to reduce the discomfort and pain, cleanse the body of toxins, as well as aid digestion, you can detoxify the body with the help of a home remedy, the recipe of which we now describe. This means you can cook at home, and it consists only of natural ingredients. Note that it is desirable to clean the body, staying all day at home, because during the day you will need to frequently go to the toilet.

The ingredients that are needed for the preparation of this medium apples, lemon, ginger and sea salt. All are rich in nutrients that will help to improve overall health, not just of the colon.

Scientific studies have shown that eating just one apple a day reduces the need for prescription drugs. In addition, lemon juice is excellent for detoxification, which helps digestion and a high content of vitamin C in the lemon says that it is a powerful antioxidant.

Ginger is useful because it stimulates the colon and reduces bloating. Sea salt stimulates toxins and wastes, moving them around the body and thus improves the process of digestion.

Thus, you have to mix all these ingredients and use a mixture every morning on an empty stomach. Then drink before dinner and in the evening between 18.00-19.00.

Also, do not forget to drink about 8 glasses of water throughout the day. This tool does not cause any side effects. But if you are pregnant or suffer from allergies, be sure to consult with your doctor. Moreover, if you have diabetes, this method of cleansing the body does not suit you.

This drink to cleanse your body

To prepare this means you'll need no more than 5 minutes.


1 teaspoon of ginger juice

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

? teaspoon of sea salt

? cup of pure apple juice

? cup of warm filtered water

Cooking method:

In a saucepan heat the usual 100 ml of filtered water, but not boiling.

Then add sea salt, mix well and add the apple juice, ginger juice and lemon juice.

Again mix.

Immediately drink.

You can repeat this procedure for cleansing of the colon from one day to a week, but no more. After that, your digestion will improve, and your system will be completely free of toxins.
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