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Folk remedies for sore throat

The reasons because of which may tickle in the throat, and folk methods of treatment

This may result in two types of diseases:

1. Inflammatory

It can be safely attributed pharyngitis and acute respiratory infections and nazafaringity. In the case where it is an inflammatory disease leading to scratchy, the culprits become infectious agents is an urgent need to begin treatment with folk remedies -antibakterialnymi, cleansing and softening. Otherwise, the infection will go down in larynx and trachea. As a result, severe respiratory diseases.

2. Noninflammatory

From non-inflammatory diseases, against which there is sore throat, highlight neurosis throat. The cause of this disease becomes a defeat of nerve endings in the brain - they are responsible for the condition of the pharynx. Besides feeling sore in this case, there are other unpleasant sensations: it seems that in his throat, the pain is felt, which gives to the ears and nose. In addition, difficult swallowing and appears numb. Will soothing folk remedies.

Sore throat manifested allergic to wool, pollen and dust. Antiallergic help folk remedies.

One reason may be sore endocrine disease. If disrupted thyroid, then the patient has a variety of tumors - this applies to the nodes. help people to clean the lymph.

Because disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes irritated throat (heartburn). In this case, it begins to tickle in the throat after the patient eat. Will folk remedies for the normalization of the stomach.
Call sore may increase the volume of the heart - especially malformations of the heart muscle. In this case the help soothing and heartfelt folk remedies.

It is also possible with the development of cancer of the pharynx and larynx. Treatment of anti-cancer herbs. starvation, increase immunity.

Mechanical injury can also be the cause. As a result, getting a foreign body in the airways, it is possible to feeling sore. In this case there is also a cough. For external damage of the throat may hemorrhage in the mucosa - in one of its layers. As a result, tickle in the throat. When mechanical injury, foreign body in need of urgent medical care.

Treat sore throat folk remedies

1.Treatment of onion. Get rid of the sore throat will bow. It must be fried in unrefined vegetable oil. Finely chop onion, pour the oil in a frying pan - two onions need one cup of oil. Fry the onion until crisp. Then strain the oil through marlechku and cool it. Start rinse procedure.
2.Treatment sage. The infusion of sage - an excellent means with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This list should be added and wound-healing effect of this miracle drug. For the preparation to be added to a glass of boiling water teaspoon of herbs. Close the lid and let it brew for a means - after fifteen minutes, strain and gargle warm infusion. This should be done at least six times per day.
3.Chamomile - is also a good helper in the fight against tickling. This infusion has antimicrobial activity, respiratory and inflammatory. This infusion should drink instead of tea. To make it, you need to brew a cup of boiling water to a tablespoon inflorescences. Then, the drug must be insisted. Add a spoonful of honey and drink drink tea at least three times per day. In addition, throughout the day, you can rinse a sore throat remedy this.
4.Soda and salt. The easiest, but it is quite effective means is the rinsing solution of soda and salt. Soda softens the tissue, and salt - disinfects. Gargle is necessary several times a day - the only way you can achieve the desired effect.
5.Apple cider vinegar - acid can kill bacteria effectively, but when mixed with honey can soothe a sore throat. First, a good gargle drink it 3 times, and the remaining dopeyte.Vam need to mix
-1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
-1 Tablespoon honey
-1 Cup very warm water
6.Garlic. Before going to bed, take in your mouth and suck garlic zubochek it periodically nipping to stand out juice. Garlic juice, mixed with saliva quickly cure sore throat. The effect of this is to allicin in garlic. This compound that kills bacteria such as streptococci.

How to get rid of the sore using honey?

1. Mix in equal parts juice of beet and carrot. Add one tablespoon of honey to two hundred and fifty milliliters of the mixture. Drink small sips a means before going to bed - to drink should drink warm.

2. Add a tablespoon of honey in a glass of cherry juice or Raspberry. Drink small sips medication several times a day instead of tea.

3. Mix the black radish juice and milk - milk into two parts, one need juice. Add the honey mixture on your taste - at least ode tablespoons per cup of miracle drugs. Take after eating a mixture of three tablespoons, heating means.

Mixtures for rinsing - great helpers in the fight against tickling

1. Pour a glass of boiling water and twenty grams of peppermint - it leaves. Steep herbs shall, within sixty minutes. The tool then need to drain and cool. After the breakfast, lunch and dinner have to gargle.

2. Insist in a thermos cup of boiling water and twenty grams of lime blossom - also suitable crimson leaves, marigold flowers. The mixture is then strain and cool. Gargle after meals at least three times per day.

3. Mix a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice - absorbable medicine in the mouth. This wonderful tool helps in the presence of a viral infection.

 If no voice

If, apart from sore, you totally got the voice, do not despair - you can help means of beet juice. A glass of this juice should be mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and rinse it means the throat three times a day after meal.

Compress of laundry soap (72%, usually dark). Wet. Soaked soap and rub the old woolen scarf and wrap throat at night. In the morning you will be healthy.

Inhalation against sore

Pour 250 ml of boiling water mix - a tablespoon of mint and lemon balm. Insist half an hour, then inhale vapors overflow in an inhaler or tea infuser, if you have a tickle in the throat, or felt pain.
Useful inhalation and honey. Three teaspoons of this yummy dissolve in fifty milliliters of boiling water. Do inhalations before going to bed.
If you have an inhaler, add water a little Vietnamese balm "asterisk" of a match head, or 10 drops of pine oil and breathe for 20 minutes the same procedure can be done over and porcelain teapot.
Remember that after inhalation are not allowed to eat for an hour.

Despite the fact that all of these recipes for the treatment of sore throat folk remedies are very effective, you should consult a doctor - a specialist should identify the root cause of the sore throat. Only then can you start treatment with the help of popular recipes, if you have no contraindications to the use of a component of the mixture and infusions.
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