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» » The most useful and effective folk remedies for flu

The most useful and effective folk remedies for flu

Flu is dangerous consequences
This year, more and more cases in a mild form of influenza (B), and pork, which is considered more dangerous because of complications in the various other agencies (the most common - is sinusitis, otitis and pneumonia).
Usually people lightly to the disease, is not always appeal to the doctor, and are increasingly using traditional methods. However, the use of the latter is not always useful, and in many cases dangerous. What are the ways of self do more good than harm?
Homemade recipes from colds and flu
1. Eat a lot of lemons in the food. Lemon is known to be a champion on the content of vitamin C, which is able to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and normalize processes at the cellular level, as is a strong antioxidant, and stimulate the production of interferon - the natural antiviral substances.
2. Inhalation with onion and garlic. It's enough to simply chop finely and inhale the evaporation of about 10 minutes. This tool has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties because they contain substances - phytoncides.
3. Gargle with brine, sodium, iodine, and lemon juice. Such a mixture has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, increases local immunity, and alleviates pain.
4. ginger and cloves in pure natural form, and added to tea, to help reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system by improving blood circulation. The tea can also add other spices (mustard, pepper).
5. Mulled wine or vodka with pepper will warm, increase the body's resistance, speed up the elimination of toxins when used in small quantities. However, their use can be hazardous at elevated temperature.
6. More warm drinks, better than sweetened beverages of natural origin (fruit drinks, fruit drinks, teas). They are the source of energy needed to fight the disease, compensate for a deficiency of fluid to help flush out toxins.
7. A hot bath will improve blood circulation and warm, but should be careful when temperature rises.
8. Mustard to stimulate the foot reflex zones, spurring the immune system. Contraindicated small children due to the risk of burns, and also at a high temperature.
9. At a cold. Onion juice, beet, kalanchoe or honey diluted with water twice, intranasally. Have a good bactericidal action (suit only when purulent discharge from the nose).
10. Warming up the nose (use heated salt mixtures, cereals). Improve local blood circulation, but it is absolutely contraindicated in the development of bacterial infection (at the expiry of yellow or green).
11. Cough. Radish juice mixed with honey, helps cough and sore throat. It should be, dissolving a teaspoon. The mixture has a local antimicrobial effect due to the content of lysozyme and glycosides.
12. packs. Vodka compress the neck to reduce pain and warms the throat. It is effective only when laryngitis, because it has a viral etiology.
Steamed bread on his back. It should be used only in case of bronchitis, and in conjunction with drugs, thinning mucus.
13. inhalation with essential oils. Oils have a weak antibacterial activity, however, must use the nebulizer.

However, some common methods are harmful, and using them in the treatment is not necessary:
Wipe with vinegar at a temperature. The substances are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and can cause poisoning. Shoot down the temperature is only after exceeding the mark of 38.5 degrees, with the help of special tools.
Inhalation of vapors of boiled potatoes through coughing can trigger the development of bronchitis, the best use for these purposes inhaler.
Burn stalk of garlic for the disinfection of air. On combustion, forms the combustion products that can create extra stress on the body, the fresh air will bring much more benefit.
Use oil after frying onion as nose drops useless, as the useful properties are lost during processing.
Beet juice is boiled with sugar also has healing properties.
At the beginning of the disease it is important to distinguish the flu from the common cold. the flu first high fever, and then begin the clinical manifestations. But it is possible and on the background of the common cold flu. Be carefull!
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