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» » Folk remedies for improving cerebral circulation

Folk remedies for improving cerebral circulation

Causes of Cerebral Blood Flow

Atherosclerosis. In this disease, the vessels become clogged with plaque-gradually. This leads to the fact that reduced vascular lumina and organs receive less power.
Hypertonic disease. Pressurizing detrimental effect on the vascular wall. Chances vascular injury. It does not always large vein or artery can break down small flasks in the brain. These minor offenses are not immediately noticeable.
Traumatic brain injury of any severity. Especially dangerous are those injuries for which were intracranial hemorrhage.
Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
The main symptoms were rejected in supplying the brain

In the early stages of the disease may be asymptomatic. But it is developing rapidly, and the person can lose and performance and normal life.

1. Headaches. Initially, the patient ignores the alarm bells. Pain written off to fatigue, or change in the weather.
2. Pain in the eyes, which grow in the evening.
3. Dizziness accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
4. congestion or noise in the ears.
5. numbness of limbs, convulsions.
6. Fainting and general weakness.
7. Reduction of heart rate.
May occur, and disorders of consciousness - stupor, confusion, forgetfulness, fatigue, various sleep disorders.

Treatment is aimed at full restoration of the blood circulation and supply the brain. Treat cerebrovascular accident should be under the care of a neurologist. But something you can do yourself.

What can offer traditional medicine for the treatment of neurological diseases?

Treatment of these diseases involves not only the use of drugs, but also changes in a number of habits and lifestyle in general.

1.Proper balanced nutrition.
2.Remove from the diet of most table salt.
3.We need to forget about alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
4.Watch your weight. If there is excessive weight, you should be sure to lose weight. Overweight - a burden on all the organs and body systems. Accordingly, remove the excess, the body becomes easier to exist.
5.Physical activity - we walk, move. Records put nobody forces and does not require, but regular charging or jogging in the park has not hurt anyone.
6.Less stress and nervous shock.

Treatment of cerebrovascular medicinal plants

It is not necessary to reject the herbal medicine, but only after consulting your doctor first.
Remember! Medicinal herbs - it is also a drug with its indications and contraindications.
Folk remedies for improving cerebral circulation

1. Infusion of hawthorn flowers.

Typically used for medicinal purposes rich red fruit bushes. But in this case, it required hawthorn flowers. Flowering shrub in May, but you can buy the dried flowers in a pharmacy.
One teaspoon (5 g) was filled in a glass of boiling water. Covered and left to infuse for 2 hours. To take an infusion of 50 mL (a quarter cup) 4 times a day before meals.

2. Infusion of hawthorn leaves and periwinkle.

Take 1 teaspoon of raw material - one spoon leaf periwinkle, one spoon of hawthorn flowers. Fill with boiling water - 0.5 liters to insist 2-3 hours. Take one hour before meals.

3. Infusion of celandine - is used in stroke rehabilitation.

Take 1 teaspoon of dry raw pour a glass of boiling water. Cover and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Take 2 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day for three weeks.
Important! Observe the dosage, as celandine grass is poisonous. After talking to the grass must be thoroughly wash your hands and make sure that the juice or small pieces do not fall on the mucous membranes or eyes.
It will recover after a stroke and reduce the risk of recurrent hemorrhage onions, walnuts, turnips and fennel, anise and fennel fruit.

4. Cranberry with horseradish.

Take 500 g of cranberries - there are fresh berries - very good. But perfect and frozen. Add 350 g of honey and 150 g of grated horseradish. Beat in a blender, poured into banks and store in the refrigerator. Medication Take 2 teaspoons after eating.

5. Vegetable juices.

Regularly should be used onion juice, beets, radishes and turnips, cabbage, pumpkins. It is available all year round vegetables. It is only necessary to apply a little bit of work and the patient will recover.
Folk remedies for improving cerebral circulation


Brew strong tea from the dry grass and take 1 glass from 4 to 5 times a day.

7. Physiotherapy.

Nothing complicated and impossible, but this simple exercise will improve blood flow to the brain. Daily.

-Rotate the head clockwise 7-10 times, and the same in the opposite direction.
-Turns head to the right and to the left - 7-10 times. Keep the chin moved in a horizontal plane.
-Lean forward - chin touch the breast - 7-10 times. Tilt back as far as possible - also 7-10 times.
-Tilt your head to touch the ear with the shoulder. Also, from 7 to 10 times in each direction.
-Try to do all movements without jerks, smoothly and gently. It is important to do exercises on a regular basis every day.
-Self-massage neck area.
Arsenal traditional medicine is vast and even serious illness such as cerebral blood flow can be treated with its methods. But it is important to remember that a diagnosis must establish the profile doctor. And treatment should take place under its control. In particular, if a person is suspected bleeding in the brain, it is necessary to call an ambulance and bring the patient to the hospital.
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