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How to treat vessels folk remedies

Vascular disease manifested by the following symptoms:
-dyspnea or arrhythmia;
-excessive sweating;
For the treatment of vessels often used recipes of traditional medicine, which for many years were saving people from disease.

Treatment of vascular diseases traditional medicines

In the treatment of vascular disorders play a major role preparations prepared herbal.
Tibetan recipe cleansing vessels
To prepare the necessary mix, you must take one hundred grams of chamomile flowers, herb St. John's wort, immortelle and birch buds. Then thoroughly mix everything and pour the 500-hundred grams of boiling water. This decoction should infusions for half an hour and drain the. Preparation of medicines should be applied on a teaspoon once a day, every day before going to sleep to the point until it's over. It is recommended not to consume food and water after application until the morning. Tibetan recipe should not be used continuously, it is better to make significant breaks at the end of cooking broth.
How to treat vessels folk remedies

The medicine from a pumpkin
To do this takes a hundred grams of pumpkin seeds, crushed, and then filled with 500-hundred grams of vodka. The future of medicine from a pumpkin must be insisted on for 3 weeks, then drain the. The resulting mixture is applied on a tablespoon three times a day before eating the food for 3 weeks. In order to remove the unpleasant taste of cooked mixture may be diluted with water.
Medicine Honey
To do this, a container with two cups of honey added to a glass of fennel seeds, and two tablespoons of valerian root. Then it all poured 2 liters of boiling water and infused for days. The prepared infusion is used to eating a tablespoon.
How to treat vessels folk remedies

The medicine from a bay leaf
Five grams of crushed bay leaf poured three hundred grams of water and placed on the fire to boil. Then insist broth for 4 hours and decanted. The resulting mixture is consumed in small sips throughout the day. It is recommended to perform this procedure for three days, then take a break (about two weeks) and to start the application again.
Medicine garlic
For the preparation of the drug from the garlic will need 24 days. To do this takes 350 grams of minced garlic and the juice is poured 24 ex-squeezed lemon. The mixture was infused for the past number of days mentioned earlier and is applied once a day, dissolve one teaspoon of preparation of medicines in a glass of water. It should also be noted that recipes with lemon and garlic are many and mostly they differ only in the number of necessary ingredients.
How to treat vessels folk remedies

The medicine of the clover
Paul liter jar is completely filled with dry flowers, clover and poured vodka. For effective drugs must be a mixture of two weeks to insist and strain. Cooked means is used once a day on a teaspoon for 45 days, then make a ten-day break and continue treatment.
The medicine of the juices of vegetables
It is necessary to mix 500 grams of pumpkin juice and three hundred grams of carrot juice and potatoes. The prepared beverage is necessary to apply 50 ml on an empty stomach three times per day.
How to treat vessels folk remedies

The medicine of barberry
To prepare the tincture of barberry is necessary to take one tablespoon of the root or bark of young barberry ordinary and pour boiling water, let stand for 4 hours and used 100 ml 3 times a day before meals.
Herbal medicines
Take four tablespoons of crushed dried herbs Leonurus earlier, cudweed, meadowsweet and hips in equal amounts, and then filled with 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for 8 hours. The resulting broth should be used for the 100 ml 3 times a day for 2 months.
The medicine of the blue iodine
Active ingredient is effective at a variety of diseases, including can eliminate problems with blood vessels. For the preparation of medicines need to take a teaspoon of potato starch and pour 50 ml desyatma ordinary water, then add a teaspoon of sugar and very little citric acid. The resulting solution is filled in 150 ml of boiling water and cooled, and then poured into a teaspoon 5 percent iodine. The resulting mixture should be applied once a day for six tea stretcher for 5 days, then it is recommended to make a small break (5 days) and continue treatment. Please be aware that iodine can cause an allergic reaction, so if this happens you must drink two tablets of activated charcoal on an empty stomach.
Tips healers
There are relatively simple ways to improve their own health and to fix problems with the vessels:
A daily intake of 300 grams of Rowan over the month is a very effective method. It should be noted that after a month of use is recommended to make a break for 6 months.
Drinking green tea with the addition of mint or Melissa also helps to cope with the disease.
Traditional medicine is not the last place in the treatment of certain diseases, it touched and vascular disease. For some recipes passed many years of testing and it should be noted that our ancestors had only such remedies health problems. So it should not be ignored completely discard the above mentioned recipes, because they have repeatedly helped a lot of people. Recipes of traditional medicine will not only save time and money in most sluchayaev, but also to effectively cope with the symptoms of various diseases.
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