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» » The protein in the food. The role of proteins in the human diet

The protein in the food. The role of proteins in the human diet

The role of protein in the human diet
Besides that proteins are the main source of energy, these substances provide a "communication", communication between cells, ie contribute to the organization of coordinated work of a complex system.

Proteins in fact it is a substance consisting of alpha-amino acids, for example, in the proteins of animal origin are present such vital amino acids as tryptophan, lysine or methionine.

The types of proteins in the body:

Enzymes - substances which activate processes in the body, they allow the passage of nutrients through the cell walls, for example;
Hemoglobin - is also a form of the protein, part of our blood that carries oxygen to the tissues;
Myoglobin and elastin - the two main muscle protein;
Bones - mainly consist of protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus;
Keratin - a protein that is in the upper layers of the skin, hair and nails;
Antibodies - a form of protein that appears in the blood when an infection is detected. That agents of the immune system, which fight viruses.
Proteins are the building blocks of all tissues in the body, each new cell is created with the help of proteins.

Which is better, vegetable or animal protein?

Many studies have repeatedly confirmed that the human body needs both types of proteins. The fact that they contain different substances, and they are all equally necessary. Man is still an omnivore, and we are used to eating meat. How much would the pros did not have a vegetarian diet, we need proteins and vitamins, and minerals that are in the flesh.
The protein in the food. The role of proteins in the human diet

Plant proteins generally contain fewer calories, and many of them are trying to replace animal products, but the plant foods have a negative - they irritate the intestines and provoke flatulence.

How much protein does a person need?

All of course depends on the age, gender and activity of the person, but in general 50-60% of the daily diet should make proteins. In general, adult enough about 1 gram protein per 1 kg of live weight gain.

It is recommended for a healthy man who leads a normal life and do not go in for sports. Athletes just have to take various supplements such as magnesium, as well as eating more protein foods, as the muscles grow and develop, and in need of food.

How better to include in your diet proteins
To get more good for your health, diet should be varied and high-quality. As there are proteins, nutritionists advice:

A certain amount of protein should be present in every meal, especially breakfast. Dense, nutritious breakfast in the English style is one of the main components of good nutrition.
For one meal is not recommended to have more 30-440 grams of protein. The body will be difficult to process them in large quantities, this is wasted energy.
For better absorption of protein, in addition to these, it is important that the diet was rich in vitamins and minerals. If this is difficult (in winter, for example), it is not bad to take supplements and multivitamin complexes.
The protein in the food. The role of proteins in the human diet

During the meal it is best not to drink, but after 10-15 minutes after eating.

It is not recommended to eat protein food 2 hours before exercise, for their digestion the body spends a lot of energy.

Unfortunately, the average modern person does not consume the right amount of high-quality, easily digestible protein from the huge offer alternatives such as fast food, snacks and sweets. For example, a much healthier it eggs or cottage cheese for breakfast, rather than coffee cake.

Is it possible to lose weight on a protein diet?
It is considered one of the easiest ways to lose weight. As I already mentioned, to digest protein the body spends more energy - this is an argument number one.

Second, it's probably the fact that proteins are the building blocks of our muscles, and the muscles are spending calories even while we sleep. However, unless you are engaged in the gym, the muscles will not grow by themselves.

A hearty breakfast, rich in protein can reduce the appetite during the day. In general, it is noted that without exercise, diet protein results in weight loss.

Foods rich in protein
The best sources of animal protein:

Beef - 26 grams of protein per 100 gram product;
Chicken - 26 grams of protein per 100 gram product;
Fish - 23 grams;
Eggs - 12 grams of protein per 100 grams of boiled eggs;
Cottage cheese - 11 grams;
Yoghurt - 3.5 grams.
The best sources of vegetable protein:

Soybean - 36 grams of protein per 100 gram product;
Cereals - 17 grams;
Nuts - 15 grams;
Legumes - 10 grams;
Dried - 4-5 grams of protein per 100 gram product;
Cabbage - 3 grams.
Proteins are the basis of human nutrition and should constitute at least half of the total ration, as a lack of protein can lead to unpleasant consequences. Primarily affects the skin and muscles, they become less elastic and lose tone. Serious deviation can only be for prolonged deficiency in children may disrupt the growth and development of bones.
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