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Hormones of joy

Joyful emotions - that's what makes it through the difficult moments of life, and to cope with complex tasks. Creates a positive emotional background and help in the fight against depression and stress, the so-called hormone of joy. Knowing their characteristics and slightly adjust their habits, you will be able to increase their number and make your life more positive attitude.
The hormones of joy - what is it?
Hormones of joy called hormones, the effect of which ensures the correct functioning of the organism and supports the psycho-emotional state of a person is normal. In critical situations, in times of stress and depression, they play a major role in restoring the optimal mood to fight with the existing difficulties and trials.
The main hormones of joy believe serotonin and endorphins. The latter, in turn, holds a leading position in terms of maintaining and raising a person's mood, creating a state of euphoria, lightness, happiness. Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland of the brain and contribute to the flow of processes that improve well-being. These processes include the normalization of the endocrine system, the analgesic effect, reduced sensitivity, improving mood.
But biologists say that can not be a hundred percent shift responsibility for the emotional state on the production of endorphins, as light joyful euphoria - is the result of complex biochemical processes that occur in the body in conjunction with the release of hormones. In particular, we note the fact that happiness is achieved by activation of another neurotransmitter - dopamine. It is also involved in the creation of a positive attitude, participating in the process of laying the responses to the actions that bring pleasure to the man. For example, great food, thrills, sex, joy of the gift, and so on.
Another pleasure hormone, serotonin, largely responsible for the intellectual development and emotional stability. If enough of this hormone, you will not experience problems such as irritability and suspiciousness in the moment when something fails. You will be more confident in yourself, your knowledge, appearance. The tendency to depression dramatically reduced, and you'll get pleasure from his success results.
Talking about the hormones of joy, you can not forget about the adrenaline, because it is it activates muscle endurance, increases mobility, availability, resistance to disease and other stresses. A feeling of power - it is a big argument in favor of a good mood!
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Catering (food) for tendons

Speaking of nutrition for healthy tendons, it is important to have a good idea of ??what the actual question. A tendon called connective tissue, which is "attached" to one side of the bones of the skeleton, and the other goes to the muscle itself. In tendons very important work - they convey movement performed by the muscles, bones. This is a mandatory condition for almost any motor effort of man.
Tendons are different: short and long, narrow and wide, cylindrical and flat, and there separating the muscle tendons on the piece and have the bones together. Tendon task - to minimize the possibility of deformation of the bone, despite the tension forces which produce muscle. All of this underscores the importance of tendon tissue and speaks of the need to take care of her health.
It is interesting to know what are considered to be the strongest tendon feet. So Achilles tendon can withstand a load of 400 kg, the quadriceps tendon - 600 kg.
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Hormone gymnastics by Tibetan monks

Everyone is looking for ways to permanently preserve health and prolong life. One such effective ways hormone serves Tibetan exercises. Now this technique is gaining popularity once again, accompanied by extremely positive feedback from those who regularly perform a set of exercises.
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Effective ways to increase hemoglobin

If there is a question as to increase the hemoglobin in the blood, when choosing a method, it is necessary to take into account many factors - for example, age, overall health, etc. The safest is considered to increase the level of iron through nutrition.

Why can drop hemoglobin?

Provoke a sharp decrease in hemoglobin may various reasons:
Certain diseases - hemorrhoids, ulcers, erosions.
The sharp increase in hormonal levels (for example, during pregnancy, menopause, disorders of the thyroid gland).
Incorrect and unbalanced diet.
High physical activity.
Failures of the menstrual cycle, which are accompanied by certain diseases.
Improper absorption of iron.
The postoperative period.
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Sex and women's health
The vast majority of people are having sex for the sake of pleasure, satisfaction of physiological needs, relieve sexual tension. And few people know that sex is a universal prevention of many serious diseases. How then linked sex and health?

Scientists have repeatedly examined the question of the effect on the health of sex. And they came to an interesting conclusion.

Undeniable positive effects of sex on health and the cardiovascular system. During sex the heart pumps blood more quickly with high pressure rushes through the vessels. This prevents the formation of blood clots, vein occlusion, is a good tool in the vegetative-vascular dystonia. Improved blood circulation promotes better tissue saturation of oxygen, activation of brain activity.
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Nutrition during pregnancy. What can and can not eat expectant mothers

Moms important to monitor their diet during pregnancy.

Child health is the main concern of any mother, is nothing more important in the world and can not be, and rightly so. With the development of medicine and science, we now know what kind of vitamins and minerals needed most for the proper development of the fetus that can expectant mothers, and what not.
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The protein in the food. The role of proteins in the human diet

Proteins are the basis of our food, the building blocks for muscles, the main source of energy. Learn more about what are the best sources of protein, the role played by the protein and the protein can help to lose weight.

In our body 4 trillion cells which in their daily life activity, 100 000 protein molecules to form muscle, skin, nails, hair, and other tissues. We like machines for processing protein 24 hours a day - our body absorbs, breaks down, transforms and uses protein for their needs.
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Treatment of kidney millet

Treatment of kidney millet - People's method of restoring kidney tissue, removal of sand and slime. Infusion of millet grains useful in the treatment of urolithiasis, cystitis and other urinary problems.
Start self millet can be qualified only after receiving doctor's recommendations. Even such a useful product has its contraindications. Due to the presence in the composition of polysaccharides, a folk remedy on the basis of wheat is prohibited for people with diseases of the pancreas, or colon, suffering from gastritis with low acidity index.
Fungal infection of the nail plate or onychomycosis caused by yeast or fungi, and can appear on the legs and on his hands. The risk of onychomycosis increases in the elderly. Externally, the disease is manifested by various changes in the nail plate. It becomes a thin, fragile, exposed to delamination. In addition, there is a change in color of the nail plate, which often becomes yellow or gray color and lose the characteristic luster. There may be a variety of inclusions.
7 the most effective folk remedies for nail fungus

The fungus on the nails requires a complex and long-term medical treatment. It should be noted that the drugs used in the treatment of onychomycosis, are highly toxic and ineffective. But if the treatment of fungal diseases begin at the early stage of the disease, it is quite possible to him to get rid of folk remedies for one or two months.