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5 tips for relief of menopause symptoms

Menopause, or menopause - is a normal process termination of childbearing women, accompanied by a severe hormonal changes in the body. Typically menopause begins at the age of 50-55 years, but the characteristics of this process are very individual. Factors earlier menopause are irregular sexual life, numerous abortions, bad habits, the presence of endocrine, autoimmune and gynecological diseases, frequent stress and overindulgence diets. The severity of the occurrence of menopause is largely determined by heredity.
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Born in the winter are more prone to lung diseases

A study conducted by an international team of scientists from several European universities and institutions revealed the adverse factors affecting a person early in life and increase its susceptibility to lung disease. It turned out that the impact may even have a season in which a person was born. The results were published in the journal PLOS ONE.
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Snoring Treatment at home

Everyone at least once in his life encountered such a phenomenon as snoring. Besides the fact that this process is extremely negative impact on the health of the heart, it can also be a cause of conflict in the family.

Rare snoring happens with almost every person. This may be due to the uncomfortable position of the neck, nasal congestion or other problems.

The constant and loud snoring indicates excessive relaxation of muscles of tongue, throat, palate. This relaxation leads to severe vibration during breathing.
What you need to know about good and bad cholesterol

For many years, the word cholesterol is considered bad and terrible, so doctors urged us to completely eliminate from the diet containing its products and move to beskholesterinovuyu diet.
But, as usual, time will put everything in its place, and it turned out that all of the body should be in moderation, but the lack of cholesterol as bad as its excess.
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