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How to avoid the spring exacerbation of chronic diseases

Usually in the spring period is characterized by the aggravation of many chronic diseases. Traditionally, among the main factors of spring health deterioration are the following:

- Seasonal vitamin deficiency;
- Reduction of motor activity;

- Increased solar activity during daylight hours lengthening;
- Frequent changes of atmospheric pressure;
- Instability of the ambient temperature, which leads to the hypothermia, then to overheating;
- Reduction of the natural body defenses.
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Dogs medium breeds

Dogs medium breeds are considered universal. Compact dimensions allow the animals have these dogs in the apartment and on the street.

  Most species easy to get along with the kids, they are friendly to kids. In addition, the child a dog is easy to raise your hands without fear of damage, and can even walk on their own on a leash. They just two walks daily for the maintenance of tone.
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What spasm of accommodation

This false myopia. Misleading, because the loss of vision in spasm of accommodation - is temporary and reversible. Otherwise, such a state is called a syndrome of tired eyes. Basically it develops in children and adolescents, it is much less - in adults.

 Accomodation in translation into Russian means "adjustment." In contrast to the adaptation devices, in this case the reaction is carried out of active and muscle strength. Therefore, when there is a spasm of accommodation, treatment is aimed at regulating the activities of the ciliary muscles, which are located inside the eye and adjust the curvature of the crystallite.

 Normally the eye muscles are relaxed, the lens is flattened, visual acuity focus on distant subjects. When a person sees an object near, ciliary muscles contract, and ligaments, on the contrary, relax. This causes the lens to become convex. This enhances the optical power of 10-12 diopters. Rays of light reflected from the object focused on the retina, as a result, the image becomes clear. When switching over a long distance of the ciliary muscle must relax. However, this does not occur in the pathology. So there is a spasm of accommodation, the treatment which provides relaxation of the muscular apparatus of the eyes.
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What can not be eaten on an empty stomach

There are products that are absolutely impossible to eat on an empty stomach. And all because of the fact that in their composition there are substances that can cause a variety of health troubles, from the onset of symptoms of poisoning, and heartburn to headaches. What foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach?
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7 popular recipes to help heal sores

Trophic ulcer is not an independent disease. This is a severe complication that occurs as a result of thermal injuries (burns or frostbite), chronic pathologies of the arteries or veins of the lower extremities, diabetes, and certain lesions of the connective tissue, lymphatic vessels, skin or nerve trunks. The pathology appears as a non-healing wound, on the inner surface of the tibia, the sole of the foot, the heel or the toes. Patients with trophic ulcers, constant pain, burning and heat in areas damaged skin, heaviness in the legs, often - night cramps. In the event of the accession of the secondary purulent process there is a general weakness and other symptoms of intoxication.

 Full and final disposal of venous ulcers is impossible without treating the underlying disease that caused their occurrence. However, you can not leave without attention is also the process of soft tissue lesions of feet. It can and should facilitate and even stop. It is known for a number of folk remedies, successfully coping with this task.
9 ways to deal with depression without drugs

Depression is not in vain considered to be one of the major ills of our century for the scientific and technical progress, the acceleration of the pace of life and an overabundance of information a person has to pay stress, negative emotions, and the weakening of the body's defenses. As a result of widely distributed condition characterized by increased anxiety, loss of interest in life, spiritual and physical discomfort.

However, the pharmacology is not standing still, and today there are a number of medications to help get rid of the symptoms of depression. It may seem that the problem is solved, but it is not. Many drugs have very unpleasant side effects: addictive, insomnia, lethargy, etc. In addition, it is known that depression, cured with medication, is to return the property. That is why doctors advise experienced in the early stages of the disease to try to cope with it drug-free methods. Such methods, there are many. About the most common ones we describe in this article.
How to strengthen the heart

Cardiovascular disease continues to occupy a leading position among the causes of death. Of course, doctors have learned to treat many of them, and medications help to lead almost normal lives. But you still have something to limit myself. Therefore it is best not to bring up the disease. And it needs to know that he loves our heart to him cherish.
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