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» » What spasm of accommodation

What spasm of accommodation

What spasm of accommodation

Causes of accommodation spasm

 For persistent muscle contractions, regulating the curvature of the lens, by the following factors:

 Poor lighting in the workplace;

 Enhancing visual load: watching TV, long stay at the monitor screen, homework in the dark;

The weakness of the muscular system of the neck and back;

 Violation of the blood supply in the vertebrobasilar department;

 Insufficient sleep;


 Violation of hygiene when reading and writing - a decrease in the distance to the books and notebooks for more than thirty centimeters;

 Physical inactivity.

 There is for these reasons that spasm of accommodation, the treatment of which requires not only the elimination of hazards, but also the correction of vision.

 Spasm of accommodation, symptoms

 Clinically determined by the following signs of spasm of the ciliary muscle:

 Swift onset of fatigue at work, requiring eye strain;

 A burning sensation, redness of the eyeballs;

 Duration of headache with no "apparent reason".

 Adolescents often occurs spasm of accommodation, the symptoms of which are regarded as the beginning of a violation. After school and in the dark visual acuity falls, and in the morning returned. If untreated, transient myopia becomes true. This state, like a spasm of accommodation, require treatment immediately after detection. In congenital weakness of the oculomotor apparatus developed strabismus.

What spasm of accommodation

 Continuous headache with normal blood pressure is often "explained" hormonal changes during adolescence. However, the data that the headache persists after bypassed hormonal crises indicates that there is accommodation spasm, which treatment removes signs cephalgia. To clarify the diagnosis ophthalmologist conducts special studies, which include the following manipulations:


 Detection of refraction;

 Calculation of reserves accommodation.

 Selection of corrective glasses for distance.

 When confirmed by the spasm of accommodation, its treatment requires a comprehensive approach. As with any disease, it is important to take into account the background against which the developing pathology, and, of course, the use of local procedures.

 Removing spasm of accommodation

 For the treatment of myopia used imaginary drugs that improve blood flow to the muscles of the eyeball. A good effect is observed when using angioprotectors, vitamins and antioxidants.

 As a widely used physiotherapy following physical factors:

 Laser therapy;

 Magnetic therapy;

 Electrical stimulation of the ciliary muscle.

 Continuous removal of spasm of accommodation provide general therapeutic massage treatments with emphasis on cervical area.

 By using modern methods accommodation spasm is treated with the help of specially designed computer software, relieves tension of the optic nerve.

 An important role for the removal of spasm of accommodation plays a physical activity, ie the fight against physical inactivity. Recommended active games outdoors, cycling, swimming in the pool.

 In a spasm of accommodation topical treatment is aimed at reducing activity of the muscle cells. Drops are used to expand the pupil. This ciliary muscle reflex relax by changing the curvature of the eye lens. Local treatment is recommended to continue for 3-4 months. For relief of photophobia shown wearing sunglasses.

 Spasm of accommodation, exercises to relieve eye strain

 In order to remove the spasm of ciliary muscles are developed special exercises, which essentially boils down to the fact that the exercise by developing the ability of the eye lens in an instantaneous configuration change.

 In a spasm of accommodation exercises have nothing to do with physical exertion. Rather, with the relaxation of the ciliary muscle. It involves all of the known methods to improve the view. Muscles relax, free to "sag", expanding the pupil without pharmacologic effects. The ability to instant relaxation of the ciliary muscle provides improved sharpness and strength of 1-2 diopters.

 In a spasm of accommodation, treatment should be comprehensive, taking into account the overall state of the organism. In order to prevent a relapse is necessary to establish a regime of work and rest, as well as provide the child with adequate nutrition. Only with this approach can avoid the development of true myopia.
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