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5 rules  supper for slimming

To eat or not to eat, and if so, what? This question tormented every woman who has decided to start fighting obesity. Despite the fact that many nutritionists do not recommend eating after 6 pm, your stomach continues to demand. The desire to eat something is becoming stronger with every turn the small hands of the clock. How correctly to do that during dinner not gain calories successfully "saved" during the day? ..
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6 products that prevent breast cancer

One in eight women in the world suffers from breast cancer. Today do not know the exact cause of why some women experience the disease, while others - not.
The main factors influencing the development of breast cancer are age, genetic predisposition, obesity after menopause or obesity, poor physical activity, alcohol abuse, late childbirth (after 35).
In the early stages, most often, the disease is completely asymptomatic, and the first signs of cancer can be sealing and changing the appearance of the breast.
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Found instant natural fat burner

This exotic fruit "African Mango" is gaining more and more popularity among dieters.

Scientists believe that the discovery of this fat burner can shake the entire billion industry diets, medications and surgical procedures that offer a quick way to lose weight, and that, as a rule, do not help.
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