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Ozone therapy

This method is called the medicine of the XXI century, because of its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is used almost everywhere.

Experts note the widest range of effects of ozone therapy, because the method has virtually no side effects, and thus has an immunomodulating, bactericidal, antihypoxic, detoxification effects. Ozone is used in many areas of medicine and cosmetology, and its security is the fact that he was appointed, even for pregnant women.
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Anti-cellulite massage at home

There is no way to fight cellulite in a beauty salon? Anti-cellulite massage at home can also be effective.

Cellulite problem familiar to most women of all ages and body type. This aesthetic disadvantage is due to the weakening of the skin tone, fluid circulation disorders and uneven deposition of subcutaneous fat.
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Homeopathy in urinary tract infections

Homeopathic remedies have a good therapeutic effect in patients with inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Often this method is the treatment of choice for severe concomitant drug allergy. When selecting a specific homeopathic remedy must take into account the background against which evolved violation of urination. Along with the effects on the urinary tract should be carried out metabolism correction in the propensity to stone formation, eliminate chronic infection in other organs (ENT, biliary system), and normalize the activity of the intestine. The goal of therapy is to increase the protective forces of the individual and enhance the processes of self-regulation of body functions. Recall that a lasting effect when using homeopathy can only be achieved with proper selection of constitutional remedy experienced homeopath. Addition to it can serve agents, which will be discussed below.
5 best herbs to enhance immunity

Everyone knows that in order to strengthen the immune system need to take vitamins. But to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds and can be much cheaper, natural way.

Many medicinal plants are beautiful, and the main thing is completely natural remedies to strengthen immunity. Want to know which plants most effectively strengthen your immune system? Here is the top 5 of the most useful natural resources.
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