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Sing for your health!

Scientists from the University of Frankfurt as a result of research concluded that regular singing protects the upper respiratory tract infections and stimulates the production of antibodies by the body.
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5 points on the body, which you need to know

It is well known that through massaging certain points on the body can feel better quickly and efficiently. Here are the five most important: encouraging them, you remove the stagnation of blood in the area of the genital organs and the liver, will calm palpitations and breathing, as well as mobiliziruete vitality.
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The quickest way to relieve headache

The Chinese believe that any illness or pain occurs as a result of breach of the energy flow in the body. In order to favorably influence him, you need to press the correct one magic point in the palm of your hand. According to the Chinese, this manipulation helps eliminate the headache.
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Why do you sleep in your socks? Medical and psychological reasons

You have the habit of sleeping in warm socks? It turns out that this habit has not only physiological, but also psychological reasons!

It is said that sleeping in socks unhygienic, they say, intense work of the sweat glands of the feet leads to the ingress of sweat on the bed, and this in turn contributes to the spread of ticks that can cause allergies. For some, however, socks - the only way to sleep, because they bad blood circulates and legs simply freeze. There are those who are very sensitive to cold, so wrap up at night as a whole, including the legs.
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Ten things that should be changed, if you expensive to health

When we imagine a new, healthy life with a clean slate, we see most of the gym, beautiful in shape and a complete rejection of bad habits. All this, of course, is the place to be - but do not forget about the everyday little things that can nullify any good initiative. This is an informative list of 10 things that need to change - unless of course you want to stay healthy.
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Eye twitching - Causes

If you have an eye twitch, the cause may be a health problem.

Twitching eyes and a nervous tic spasm - a frequent phenomenon. Most often twitches lower eyelid, but such a mishap happens with the top too. If this happens rarely and is fast, do not worry, but if you tick pursued regularly for a few weeks or even months, it is necessary to attend to the matter.
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