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Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In our time, the emergence of anxiety for some reason associated with the accelerated pace of life, information technology and social problems - is that all this strongly undermines the health of the nervous system.
As a result, very often the diagnosis has become a neurosis, and he has several varieties, and the residents suffer from neurosis developed countries are constantly living and working in a high nervous tension. The circle closes: anxiety arising due to dissatisfaction with the quality of their lives, lead to neurosis, and quality of life gets worse - how to get out of this, it is not clear, and most people turn to drugs, and engaging in self-exacerbating their problems.
Treatment of laryngitis quickly at home

If laryngitis inflamed mucous membrane of the larynx, vocal cords. This leads to hoarseness of voice or its disappearance. Viral, bacterial infections affect healthy cells causing disease. The causes of laryngitis are: colds, inflammation of the respiratory organs, the defeat of the larynx with hot air, overvoltage vocal cords, and allergic reactions. Treatment of laryngitis at home can be carried out with the help of traditional medicine.
Causes of frequent urination without pain in men

Often one notices that the desires in a toilet are becoming more frequent. In such cases it is necessary to reflect on the reasons, which is not much, either it is a large amount of fluid drunk before, either - a symptom of a disease. Some associate the disease with pain, but not all diseases occur with discomfort, and may be the only indicator of frequent urination.

All signals of our body processes the brain. When filling the bladder there is irritation of his neck, where a huge number of receptors. When the body shell of the muscles are stretched enough, receptors send a signal to the brain that the bladder is filled. Grey Matter reduces muscle, from which arise and the urge to go to the toilet.
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Gastrocardiac syndrome (syndrome Remhelda)

Gastrocardiac syndrome - a complex reflex occurring changes in the cardiovascular system, manifested some time after the meal. In the world of a condition known as well as "Remhelda syndrome", according to the doctor who described his last name at the beginning of the XX century.

  The mechanism of the syndrome is associated with an excessive stimulation of the vagus nerve under the influence of an increased sensitivity to the overstimulation of mechanoreceptors (respond to stretching) and chemoreceptors (reacting to the various chemical substances) of the wall of the lower third of the esophagus and the upper third of the stomach, intestines.
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Why blood pressure rises after a meal?

Blood pressure is growing for a variety of reasons, you know that food is one of them? Well, there is an explanation of the fact that consumption of food leads to an increase in blood pressure. To understand why and what causes blood pressure increase, we will help the facts below.
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Fibrosis of the pancreas

Chronic diseases of the pancreas fibrous nature occupy a separate niche in gastrointestinal pathology group. When there is a replacement fibrosis pancreas glandular tissue and connective tissue, as a consequence, reduced production of hormones such as insulin, glucagon, C-peptide, lipase, amylase, trypsin and lactase.
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Herniated discs of the lumbar

In all human spine vertebrae are interconnected disks which are composed of an elastic core and the surrounding connective tissue. The intervertebral discs of the spine provides strength and flexibility, soften pressures and impacts on the spine when walking or playing sports.
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