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» » Causes of frequent urination without pain in men

Causes of frequent urination without pain in men

Bacteria or inflammatory processes are capable of forming the so-called lzhesignaly, a reaction to that and it becomes frequent urination in men with no pain. There are many states, these are the most common ones:

1. Cystitis is considered to be a disease of women. However, men, especially the young, are often subject to it, if you do not observe the rules of hygiene. Usually cystitis accompanied by pain and a burning sensation when urinating, but sometimes the only symptom are frequent desires in a toilet.

2. Adenoma of the prostate gland, which is characterized by strong growth and overlapping authority of the urethra, makes a strong floor bathroom visit often.

3. Prostatitis is an inflammation leads to the rear of the channel and is accompanied by a sharp, very strong urge to use the toilet, and the stands just a few drops of urine.

Causes of frequent urination without pain in men

4. Cystocele, or lowering of the bladder, which can be distinguished by a constant urge to urinate. In addition, there is a urinary incontinence when you laugh, cough, sexual intercourse.

5. Stones in the bladder or ureters lead to the same results. Tiny splinters, sand irritates the urethra, and the person does not feel pain.

6. Anemia makes the body vulnerable mucous membranes, which become thinner, issushivayutsya and as a result, are subject to inflammation.

7. The narrowing of the urethra and causes frequent urination in men with no pain.

In addition to these factors, frequent trips to the toilet provoke any infections of the urinary tract, increased acidity of the urine, caused by poor diet, eating large quantities of meat or hot spices. This symptom can talk about the more serious conditions of the organism: damage to the spinal cord, for example, caused by overloading or injuries.

 Therefore, men should not engage in self-medicate, and should immediately visit a doctor as soon as more frequent trips to the bathroom. Only a full inspection with the delivery of all the necessary tests can give an idea about the state of health. And even more can not let things take their course: a do not pass these symptoms, on the other hand, the consequences may be irreversible.
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