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The reasons for the increased acetone and first aid

The increase of acetone can occur for several reasons. It can be strong enough exercise, stress, the presence of fatty foods in the diet, and infectious disease. Each of these states requires a great expenditure of energy. Usually, it is our body gets it from glucose, which converts to glycogen. And the kid little glycogen. And when they are exhausted, and then the body begins to take energy from fat, which, because of the break down glucose and acetone. Therefore, we can conclude that atsetonemicheskoe condition occurs due to lack of glucose in the body.

Identify the condition of elevated acetone may be from the appearance of the characteristic smell of acetone breath. The smell can still be similar to the smell of rotten apples. The child begins to complain of general weakness, abdominal pain, and sometimes a little fever, nausea, vomiting, which is amplified when trying to drink the water. In urine, too, there is a pungent smell of acetone.

Find out how increasing the number of acetone, you can use the test strips, which are sold in any drugstore. If acetone is increased in a child often, this test should always be in the home medicine cabinet. Make a diagnosis - dip the strip into the urine for a few seconds. When a slight increase (++) - with the condition can be managed at home. If the test result is shown above it - you should immediately call the children's emergency room, as this state - a direct threat to a child's health.

To help your child in this state, when the first symptoms should drink baby sweet tea (preferably with fructose than sugar). You can give a glucose tablet and try to prevent vomiting. If this could not be avoided and the child began to vomit, give him drink 1 teaspoonful every 5 minutes, tea, compote or alkaline mineral water. A lot of water at once can not be given - this could provoke an attack of vomiting (acetone excess of irritating the vomiting center). It is also worth giving a little kid sorbents, but in no case do not try to feed the baby.

In such a situation it is necessary to make an appointment to see a doctor gastroenterologist and endocrinologist. Such a condition can mean the beginning of diabetes. Chayut delivery of blood and urine tests, and ultrasound can recommend to pass the digestive tract.

In the first days after the stabilization of the need to observe a strict diet, eat often and fractionally, to exclude from the child's diet fatty and spicy foods, acidic fruits, pastry and puff pastry. To the child, it is desirable to spend on drink a course of vitamins, especially in spring, when the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables without a little nitrate. It is also important to eliminate all kinds of stressful situations in zhiznivashego child.
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