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» » To be healthy, you need to drink clean water

To be healthy, you need to drink clean water

Water has been actively involved in the process of heat exchange, regulates body temperature and dissolves minerals in the tissues. Water protects joints from wear and helps reduce pain. Water is involved in the formation of erythrocytes and bone. Lack of water leads to anemia and digestive disorders. From the lack of water the blood thickens and becomes viscous. When there is insufficient use of drinking water is disturbed memory, people become irritable and unable to concentrate his attention. With regular use of water the skin becomes nice and smooth, and silky hair. Slimming process is also not possible without the use of a sufficient amount of water.

However, the water and can cause harm. If a person has a disease of the cardiovascular and urogenital systems, the increase in the reception of water can overload the organs and lead to edema. In this case, the amount of water drunk must be increased gradually, 1 glass per week. Do not drink water after eating, because it will "push" the food from the stomach, without letting it completely digested. The cold water can not drink for rheumatism, gout, disorders of the nervous system, various tumors, paralysis and blockage of blood vessels. Hot boiled water warms the body, removes phlegm, eliminate bloating, shortness of breath and suppress hiccups and chilled boiled water is considered "dead". Structure of the dead water is so changed that the cells simply do not perceive it, and people who consume only boiled water, destroys its own cells. Re vskipyachёnnaya water brings even greater harm to the human body.

Thus, when regular and sufficient drinking clean water, people become healthier, more active, slimmer and more cheerful.
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