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Acupuncture for Arthritis

As difficult to believe, but modern medicine confirms the fact that the ancient oriental art of acupressure - acupuncture without needles - can relieve pain. In China it is used by millions of people have for many centuries.

How does a simple touch to a certain point on the skin can relieve pain?

According to ancient Chinese teachings, acupressure points or tsyubos - it places on the body, which may occur blocking the body's vital energy, called Qi.

Western science gives another explanation: with pressure on the acupressure points of the body secretes its analgesic substances - endorphins and enkephalins.
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Cabbage juice

In the treatment of various diseases should pay attention to the juice of cabbage - an amazing natural medicine, medicinal properties which are confirmed not only the people's, but also the official medicine. Cabbage juice contains many nutrients, completely absorbed by the body and eliminates the weight of ailments.
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The use of birch sap

The gift of nature, a source of strength and energy, natural healer - birch sap - from ancient times and love the children, and adults. In today's world, when so important to use natural products, juice from birch - a real treasure for the supporters of a healthy lifestyle.
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What can cause chest pain in women

Chest pain periodically tests every woman. Chest starts to hurt, feel the pressure, it becomes sensitive. And all this happens for no apparent reason. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of nasty chest pain may respond to one of the following six reasons.
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