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TOP 8 products for men's health

Detecting signs of extinct at sexual desire, many men are beginning to sound the alarm. Meanwhile, the reason for the decrease in libido in men is often not at all physiological factors and the difficult lifestyle - stress, overwork and improper diet.

"You can dramatically improve your sexual health if you eat right!" - Shout experts voice. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of certain foods helps to cope with temporary difficulties, even more effective than taking pharmaceutical drugs and supplements.
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Eggshell promotes healing of chronic wounds

Eggshell is currently being tested as a treatment for chronic wounds. According to European researchers, the membrane on the inner surface of the shell has healing properties and the researchers have developed a wound dressing on the basis of this product. Preliminary results indicate that the eggshell accelerates healing by providing the skin with essential protein for recovery.
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What are the symptoms of cataracts can be determined

Cataracts can be determined at an early stage and to preserve their eyesight. It is worth recalling that the cataract is an eye disease that most often occurs in people over 50 years. How do I find specialists, one of the main causes of the disease is a natural aging. Therefore, this topic will be of interest to everyone - your risk is, almost everyone.
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Young vegetables: how to benefit and to avoid poisoning

Cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, zucchini, young cabbage, green onions - one big advantage, especially in the spring!

But, experts say, it is not so. Chemists and agronomists see in these vegetables is quite another - pesticides, nitrites, nitrates, fungicides, and other poisons. Young vegetables are literally crammed with chemistry to grow "faster, higher, stronger." A consumer pays for it, not only from your wallet, but also the cost of their own health.

Experts told how to avoid becoming a victim of the young cucumbers and tomatoes and vegetables to eat, do not get to the hospital.
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Ambulance kidneys

The first thing to do with pains in the kidneys, - limit salt to a minimum, ideally - to remove from the diet at all. However, it is recommended not to eat greasy, fried, smoked and do not overdo it with the sweet.

Regarding drinks have different opinions, but it is better to drink no more than two liters a day, so as not to cause the kidneys to deduce too much fluid. The most useful drink - ordinary water, mineral water without gas and a variety of fruit drinks, as well as birch juice.
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How much sex for the health?

Swiss scientist has experimentally proved the benefit of sexual contact to the human immune system. Neuroimmunology of Zurich Manfred Schedlowski conducted a series of experiments, which resulted in the calculated dependence of the human immune system against the current of human sexuality. The most general conclusion that the scientist did: after orgasm number of so-called killer cells in the body increases and a half times.
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Dog  jobs healing with the help of four-legged friend

And linguists, historians, and other researchers are unanimous in the opinion - it is the first dog appeared next to a man and continues to be with him now. No matter what it is - purebred or mongrel, or placed in a large teacup, fashionable or not - it is itself a continuous bundle of energy. And the only positive.
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