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» » How to avoid the spring exacerbation of chronic diseases

How to avoid the spring exacerbation of chronic diseases

In the spring, often exacerbated by diseases such as gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, psychiatric and allergic diseases, skin diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases of internal organs.

To avoid aggravation of these diseases, the following measures should be taken. In the first place to organize a balanced diet, which is to diversify the intake of vitamins and minerals. At this time, many are beginning to prepare for the season, trying to lose weight and sit on all sorts of diets. But it is important to remember that almost all diets lead to inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals. Their efficient replenishment should recommend a specialist.

Besides the traditional reception of immunomodulators should introduce to your diet dairy products that contain beneficial for normal intestinal bacteria. This immediately impact positively on the appearance and will prevent the occurrence of skin diseases, increase resistance to infection.

During this period should maximize motor activity. With the arrival of spring there is a wonderful opportunity for jogging, walking, cycling and other outdoor activities.

It is important to choose the right clothes, to avoid both hypothermia and overheating. This thoughtful approach will help avoid irritation of sensitive skin from allergies.
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