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Dogs medium breeds

Dogs medium breeds

Features and appearance

 For medium breed dogs belong to a specific combination of size and weight. These are animals that have a weight 12,7-25 kg and growth in the range of 40-57 cm. These breeds strong bones and proper proportions.

 To this line belong to the breed with a different coat lengths: from short-haired longhaired copies to the representatives.

There are washable breed, they are optimally suited for apartments. Representatives of medium breeds - excellent companions. They brighten loneliness, entertain the family at their leisure. Many are wary of strangers, so capable of defending the territory from penetration. Terrible roar is enough to scare off the intruder.

 Medium breeds are not demanding to care for and easy to maintenance.

Dogs medium breeds


Most species suitable for indoor and for outdoor contents. Animals are very active, so require a lot of attention and frequent walks. Dogs are actively involved in sports, love to run for long distances, like the baton with objects. Many species - excellent hunters.

 Medium Breed - family dogs. They easily adapt to all family members, seeing the family as a pack. They are hard to tolerate separation, when the family leaves for a long vacation, leaving them in the care of strangers. The majority of the hard drive to carry another family, as well as prolonged exposure alone. The breed is chosen taking into account the lifestyle of the family.

 Dogs medium breeds must be accustomed to the water procedures. Long-haired animals have to comb out every day, avoiding tangles. They can only be removed sostriganiem. Short-haired breeds combed at least 1 time per week. After bathing the dog's fur necessarily dried hair dryer to not dumped. Combs selected for wool type.

 Claws are cut with special cutters so as not to damage the blood vessel. If you have long hair, it cut out a between the toes. Teeth brush just outside the children's toothbrush or gauze, causing a bit of toothpaste. The procedure is carried out very carefully so as not to damage the tooth enamel. The inside of the teeth are not cleaned.

 Dogs ears cleaned regularly. Long-eared breeds - 1 time per week, korotkouhim - 2 times. The procedure is performed ear sticks, dipping them in a vegetable oil or a special ear solution. Do not wash with water ears when bathing is necessary to watch, that they are not exposed to water.

Dogs medium breeds


 Many breeders fed dogs specialized factory fodder for representatives of medium-sized breeds. A wide range of dry food allows you to choose food according to the way of life of the animal.

Foods are for adult animals and puppies medium breeds. But it is not recommended to feed the animals feed only one factory, however they were not quality.

 dog menu should contain:

 a full range of vitamins, including A and E, beta-carotene and antioxidants;

fiber and dietary fiber;

 carbohydrates provide the body with energy;

 omega-3 and omega-6, which affect the quality of wool and overall health.

 You can not mix the factory food with food that is prepared personally.

 Adult animals fed 2 times per day. It is recommended to give food only after the walk. If the dog is actively moving, he engaged in sports games, long run, it is not recommended to give the food at once. You should wait for half an hour, until the body after an active holiday will return to normal.

 Forage yield at the same time. The dog should be water, which change daily.

 Pet should not be given:

 fatty foods;

 pork and lamb;


 sweet and flour.

 Sweets and bakery products, especially freshly baked, not fully digested, turn sour in the stomach, causing trouble. Besides, they promote obesity.

 Bones can be given to dogs only, such that it can not bite and swallow, such as beef shin. These fragments are dangerous to animals, cause esophageal injury.

 Absolutely can not give long bones, especially birds. They can easily penetrate the stomach and lead to the death of a pet. When feeding homemade food necessarily fall and winter added vitamin complexes.

Dogs medium breeds


 Medium breed rapidly growing and prone to obesity. Obesity is an unhealthy diet, excessive caloric foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

 Dogs are hardy, with good nutrition and regular walks live much longer than large breed cousins. They grow faster than larger counterparts. In the period of active growth of the animals is necessary to ensure high-grade vitamins for the prevention of rickets.

 They have a well-formed cardiovascular system, therefore, the representatives of medium-sized breeds well tolerated intense physical stress. Due to strong bones and muscle development such animals are rarely injured. Joints they rarely wear. Joint problems usually occur only in obese dogs.
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