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Liver disease - treatment of folk remedies

Liver - the most important organ of the human body, which clears it from the products of metabolism and exposure to toxins. If abnormal liver work, external influences and poisons continue to poison the body. The liver is split nutrient molecules, neutralizing poisons. It secretes bile, which is collected in the gall bladder and from there flows into the small intestine when food arrives.

In ancient Babylon believed that the liver is the organ of anger. Indeed, a certain mental state of a person (in a bad mood, anxiety, jealousy) may delay the flow of bile from the liver. If a person often feels nervous excitement, he may have a compression duct, causing bile stasis. Long-term stagnation in the bile ducts and gall bladder leading to the formation of gallstones.
Diet for a hernia - opinion dietitian, tips, advice

Almost all herniation (bulging of internal organs through a defect in the abdominal wall) are abdominal wall hernias. In general, doctors are faced with a hernia of the esophagus, the groin, the food aperture, umbilical and femoral hernia, and the so-called white wall.

In adults, the hernia is treated mainly by surgery alone. While the patient is desirable not to delay the operation to rely on "maybe". Such patients are doctors simply do not have time to save. Especially if the patient is at the time of an exacerbation will be one and not be able to call an ambulance.
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Wheat diet - according to nutritionists, reviews

Diet, wheat porridge is by far the most effective method used to get rid of extra kilograms. The main thing, as recommended by nutritionists, carefully follow all recommendations. It is with this diet, you can find a slim figure easily and quickly.
Wheat cereal is used in many countries, not only as a complete product, but also used as a low-calorie diets.
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Diet for osteoarthritis - a view nutritionist recommendations

Sometimes, to determine the cause of a disease is simply impossible. Because doctors have no choice as to make a diagnosis and begin treatment. Among these unknown diseases include osteoarthritis. To date, put forward more than thousands of theories about how disease occurs. The most common version is the one that people do not eat and drink the products, which have a negative effect on the body. In this regard, several diets designed to help not only to maintain their health, but also to combat persistent pain in the joints.
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The diet after a heart attack - according to nutritionists, tips

There are diseases in which it is necessary to pay special attention to your diet and possibly change the diet and lifestyle. One such disease is myocardial infarction. Because the diet is especially important after a heart attack. By selection and observance of the diet should be approached with great care. After all, nutrition plays a key role in the recovery of the body after illness.
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The benefits of grapes for health and beauty

The huge benefits of grapes for health and beauty: fruit, juice, wine, and grape seed oil

On the healing properties of grapes people knew for a long time. In the holy scriptures it is mentioned as the first plant that is planted after the flood, and in Greece and Rome, where he cultivated about 100 varieties of berries, grapes was considered an excellent remedy for improving digestion and recuperation. There are about 5,000 varieties.
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Benefits and harms of flax seeds

Flax seed - a product has amazing beneficial properties that have been known to man since ancient times. Today, the main value of flaxseed oil and is considered a high content of fatty acid omega-3 is in plant sources is extremely rare.
While many question the benefits of flaxseed oil, as according to many sources, it is not as useful, as they say, because it is very rapidly oxidized upon contact with air. This problem does not apply to seeds, so they can be used just as a source of fatty acids.
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Turmeric and black pepper - Benefits for Women's Health and Beauty

Amazing and truly magical properties have seemingly so simple and picky spices like turmeric and black pepper. In any mistress among a variety of different spices can always find a place for pepper, and turmeric. Meanwhile, the magic of these condiments is manifested not only in cooking, filling food tasty and healthy properties, but also can work wonders in appearance. The unique properties of spices for health and beauty used by the ancient Indians that necessarily included and turmeric and pepper in everyday life. Now cosmetologists all over the world use turmeric as a main ingredient in products for beauty.
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