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» » Wheat diet - according to nutritionists, reviews

Wheat diet - according to nutritionists, reviews

The use of wheat products

The proposed grits are made from durum wheat. But, as nutritionists point out the beneficial properties of this are not reduced.

So wheat diet reviews that say a number of major advantages over other types of various cereals:

- It is the most valuable source of energy required; - A positive effect on the activity of the entire circulatory system; - Normalizes the work of digestive organs; - Reduces the level of sugar; - Prevents the formation of cholesterol; - Regulates fat metabolism; - Stimulates the immune system; - It is the main source of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins; - Has a restorative and tonic effect on the whole body; - Slows down the aging process; - A low-calorie and easily digestible product; - Contributes to the rapid excretion of not only the accumulated harmful substances, but also heavy metals.

Contraindications wheat diet

Wheat diet reviews that nutritionists suggest extreme caution.

This method of weight loss has a number of contraindications, such as:

- Chronic constipation; - Gastritis; - Reduced stomach acidity; - Thyroid disease; - Gluten intolerance; - Pregnancy.
Wheat diet - according to nutritionists, reviews

Wheat diet for weight loss and its main characteristics
It is worth noting that of the cereal offered can cook a huge variety of dishes. But, according to nutritionists, as the diet is still more suited proposed porridge. To prepare the porridge, you can use any brand of cereal. The main condition - it should be done properly. It is because of such cereals turns soft and tender dish.

The main diet duration is 7 days. Specialists conducted a series of studies and brought a special scheme fast diet. In other words it is called wheat diet 7 days 10 kg. The duration of the proposed diet is 7 days, during which time you need to eat porridge without salt.

In carrying out this diet, weight loss professionals are strongly advised to enrich your diet with vegetables. Also, the achievement of early results is not possible without complying with certain requirements. Firstly, all the diet should be divided into three stages. Secondly, the last meal should be no later than 6 pm. Third, in addition to a diet of vegetables should necessarily be complemented not only vegetables, but low-fat dairy products, herbal teas without sugar. Fourth, between meals you need to consume large amounts of water. It is in compliance with these recommendations, wheat diet 7 days 10 kg will give an excellent result.

It is worth noting that the subject of the proposed diets are strictly prohibited products such as: sharp, salty, fried foods, meats, semi-finished products of poultry and fish, rich foods, sweets, any drinks with sugar content. The exception in this case is honey. Nutritionists allow its use, but no more than 3 tablespoons. spoons a day.

The main secret of wheat diet
Wheat diet reviews that reveal a small but proven secret. So before actually cooking cereals needs to be ignited in the pan a little, and then rinse and boil.

As nutritionists point out, it is done in order to more quickly cereal cook and kept the highest number of useful and nutrients.

Similarly, wheat gruel diet has a beneficial effect only if the cereal has been selected correctly. So bright yellow color indicates the quality and properly grown corn.

Diet wheat bran

Wheat diet implies not only the consumption of this cereal grains, but also the use of wheat bran. Bran called hard shell grains in which a huge amount of nutrients.

As nutritionists, bran considered effective product not only for weight loss but also for therapeutic purposes.

So they are allowed to use the elderly and children, that only confirms their beneficial properties:

- Lower blood pressure by expanding blood vessels; - Prevent the formation of cholesterol; - Reduce the level of blood sugar

Wheat diet - according to nutritionists, reviews

The exception is people with liver disease, gall bladder, pancreas, and stomach. For them, the bran is difficult digestible product.

But, despite all the positive aspects of the proposed product, eating them should be very careful. No way should not exceed the recommended daily requirement. 30 grams is the maximum allowed, that a person can consume per day.

Wheat bran is very easy to replace a full breakfast. Since they are quite hearty and nourishing, and so long retain a feeling of satiety. The main advantage of this product in losing weight - bran contains a small amount of calories.

In addition, in the bran contains a large amount of valuable fiber, or so-called dietary fiber. Once in the stomach, the fibers begin to work actively - to collect and bring out the accumulated wastes, toxins, heavy metals, cholesterol. This normalizes the gastrointestinal tract and improves the blood, reduces appetite. Therefore, to effectively burn excess kilogrammy.Stoit noted that even the doctors of ancient Greece and Rome encouraged his patients to eat wheat bran as not only the prevention of many diseases, but also the primary treatment.
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