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» » Diet for a hernia - opinion dietitian, tips, advice

Diet for a hernia - opinion dietitian, tips, advice

Diet for hernia

More before the patient lay under the knife, it is desirable to adopt a healthy way of life. The move does not lift weights, as well as right and good to eat. Diet in this case - not starvation. There should at least not in large chunks, but preferably at least five times a day. Nutritionists, persuading the patient to follow the rules of healthy eating, the argument is that this is a great way to lose weight. Some patients confirm this: "Subject to such a diet, I took off without problems overweight, - said Anastasia Pavlovna. - First, though, it was hard, but then I discovered that without fat, heavily fried and starchy foods is possible to do. And this body has already does not want. I do not pull. "

Diet after the removal of a hernia

Surgeons say: to help the patient with a hernia can only surgically. Terrible word "operation" frighten the bravest and those who are afraid of doctors, generally enters into a trance. To understand them, you can, when you cut the stomach, you can die. Let the statistics is not high - about four per cent of the elderly (over fifty years), but not the fact that you do not fall into this category.

In general, however, complications arise, or to (if not have time to drop off). Or after. With that, mainly due to non-compliance with the rules of the sick, the doctor prescribed. After surgery, hernias of the abdominal cavity without dieting simply can not do. What does it mean not only nutrition, but also the failure of (full) of bad habits - smoking, drinking, defoliation.

Diet after the removal of a hernia in the early days is to use only liquid food - bouillons, soups, broths, vegetables. After passing flatus doctors are allowed to use the mucous soups. If after the operation the patient is no recurrence, and it feels good, expanding diet, and after two or three weeks to translate the common table.
Diet for a hernia - opinion dietitian, tips, advice

Diet for esophageal hernia
If esophageal hernia observe the correct diet, going under the surgeon's knife can significantly defer. But it should definitely be seen by a doctor. Because sooner or later, a scalpel can not be avoided - when that moment came, and you can not pull it on and experienced surgeon will tell.

This hernia occurs mainly in patients who suffer from constipation and intestinal obstruction. This means to prevent it, and if it arose, to adjust, it is necessary to exclude products that cause irritation to mucous membranes. Here the views are absolutely all doctors agree.

Because the diet is necessary to completely eliminate:

· Carbonated beverages (including champagne and mineral water); · White bread, and drink black, it Dry the first, and then - soak in water; · Soy products, including all pulses; · Bran; · Nuts; · Seeds; · Sour grapes, sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, citrus fruits, apples (only baked in the oven), raw beets; · Coarse cereals (cooking liquid only, rice is prohibited at all); · Salty, perchёnnoe, sharp, marinades and pickles; · Fatty meats - bacon, sausage, hot dogs (not quite clear even in our time, from which they are made); · fried potatoes; · Hard-boiled eggs; · pasta.

Reasonable question: what to eat when, as all of the delicious diet already excluded? Literature as well, and delicious to eat today both online and in various books and periodicals - darkness. The main thing is to know what you can eat.

During the diet with esophageal hernia can be eaten boiled cereals (except rice). They can add a small amount of oil. Spices and sugar at the same time you want to restrict.

As for dairy products, the opinions of doctors disagree. Some advise to use them, believing a panacea for the treatment of the patient, while others believe that the acidity of gastric juice due to their increase. Because thinking, eat yogurt or not, it is recommended to consult a doctor. But, given the different points of view, it is likely to have to make a decision and to take responsibility for the results.

Also, doctors are ambiguous in that regard, as regards meat. Some advises completely eliminate it, including fish. In some ways they are right, because in our time, the animals injected with antibiotics such that their meat is not always useful, and may even cause allergies. Yes, and it is unclear what the fish are fed. Others are allowed to eat in boiled form, without spices, flour and biscuits.

Coffee and tea to complete healing should be excluded. Some nutritionists recommend the so-called green coffee, but it is unlikely he will be very useful in this case. It is better to consult a doctor and start using various concoctions of herbs, because many of them do help in case of problems with the stomach.
Diet for a hernia - opinion dietitian, tips, advice

Diet for other types of abdominal wall hernias
Diet food hernia aperture, inguinal, umbilical and femoral hernia, and the so-called white wall is not much different from the above.

The main thing to the experts, in all cases, to use a lot of water, which is essential for the development of food and prevents dehydration.

Some nutritionists, however, argue that diet after the removal of umbilical hernia, as well as a diet after the surgery of inguinal hernia can not be so strict. But still better to be safe than to risk once again go under the knife.

Diet for spinal hernia

It lies in the use of products with a full range of vitamins and microelements.

Because the question of whether the dairy products that are not even worth it to use. Use. Also - do not forget about meat, poultry, especially about the fish as well as vegetables and fruits.

The main thing in the treatment of spinal hernia - pay attention to your weight. If it is excessive, it is necessary to lose weight. This means: do not overeat, eat often, but a little bit. In this exercise, it is desirable to gradually increase. But do not overdo it. Because we must not forget that lift heavy objects is strictly forbidden about all kinds of hernias.

The main thing in any type of hernia in mind, if you do not want to be once more under the surgeon's scalpel, the process of rehabilitation should be approached seriously and responsibly.
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