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» » The diet after a heart attack - according to nutritionists, tips

The diet after a heart attack - according to nutritionists, tips

The diet after a heart attack and respect for fundamental rights

Experts recommend that during a diet to adhere to these rules:

1. It is necessary to minimize zhirov.2. consumption. Significantly reduce intake of products that have saturated fatty kisloty.3. Add to your diet the following products: oil, various fish and other moreprodukty.4. It is necessary to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, because they contain the necessary kletchatka.5. Do not use butter for cooking and cook exclusively on vegetable masle.6. Minimize the number of products, the content of which has holesterin.7. Salt intake should be reduced significantly.

Diet after myocardial infarction in the acute phase

Strict adherence to the diet is very important immediately after the attack. In this period, the patient is under the close supervision of a doctor who, in turn, can recommend the right diet. During the day the patient should be observed split meals about 5-7 times a day in small portions.

You can use the following products in the food:

- Dairy products, but without the fat content; - Soups and vegetable broths; - Very liquid boiled porridge; - A couple of times a day to drink carrot juice, adding a spoonful of vegetable oil.

It should be completely excluded from the diet of salt.

The diet after a heart attack - according to nutritionists, tips

The diet after a heart attack for men
The rehabilitation period women's diet may be different from the men's diet after a heart attack. As a rule, women's diet should be aimed at reducing the level of blood sugar. And for men is very important diet, which helps to reduce cholesterol and the removal of the body.

Very popular is the so-called Mediterranean diet. Basic foods with this diet: fruits, flour products mainly durum wheat, olive oil, poultry, vegetables, rich in fat fish. Every day you need to eat chesnochek, tomatoes, beans, various cereals. Doctors even allowed to drink a glass of red wine - it concerns women. But men can drink a little more. With this diet, you can adjust the content of cholesterol in the body and get rid of excess weight.

The diet after a heart attack and stent
Diet and stenting after myocardial should primarily reduce the cholesterol in the patient.

Because here you must obey these rules:

1. In the patient menu should not include animal fats proiskhozhdeniya.2. Strictly prohibited: chocolate, tea, coffee and other pryanosti.3. Increase the amount of fruit consumed, and with them the grain, because they have enough uglevodov.4. In the process of cooking should give up butter and use only rastitelnym.5. Minimum consumption of salt, about five grams per den.6. Fractional meals - 5-6 times a day, last reception recommended somewhere for three hours before bedtime.

Remarkably, if your calorie foods a day will be no more than 2300 kcal.

Which diet after a heart attack right?
Health -sosudistoy cardiovascular system depends on strict adherence to a special diet. There is a special diet, developed by Institute of Nutrition, also called Number Ten diet.

After reviewing all the products recommended in the diet can make a patient's own menu. Naturally, it is better to consult your doctor on this issue.

In general, in the diet after myocardial infarction each patient must be very careful approach to his diet. Products should be natural, free of fat, it is necessary to have less salt and drink alcohol. It is very useful to add a seafood diet in which there is iodine, calcium, iron, copper and cobalt, which is very favorable for the circulatory system.

Diet myocardial infarction and feeding habits

Diet becomes myocardial healing and helps rapid recovery and restoration of the heart. All the patients are overweight, you need to give up eating fatty and fried foods, and baked goods. This will help to reduce cholesterol levels and a gradual decrease in weight.

The diet after a heart attack - according to nutritionists, tips

The first time after the attack, it is necessary to stick to a low calorie diet.

Kashi should be prepared only on the water, can be mashed fruit or vegetable, tea, honey. . In the acute phase should be deleted grapes, also bean plant and other milk. The use of salt can be only in very small quantities. During this period, you should not eat fried food, various meats, mushrooms, tomatoes, coffee, buns and grapes. There are about six times a day.

In the next period it is already possible to take boiled food.

During the period when there is scarring need more products containing potassium. For example dried fruits: apricots, prunes and dates. Instead of sugar, it is best to use honey. It aids in digestion, plus is rich in vitamins and beneficial for improving immunity.

It is important to monitor fluid intake, because it can affect the pressure. During the day you can drink no more than 1.5 liters of fluid are taken into account here as soups.

Myocardial diet after heart disease

After suffering an attack, it is very important to choose a diet. Portions should be reduced. Eat better fractional, that is about five to six times a day.

In the first week after an attack from the diet of salt should be excluded.

All meals should be pereteryat.

In the next two weeks, you can add cooked food, but also without the use of salt.

Between meals scarring can be more diverse, and allows the addition of a small amount of salt. We must not forget to monitor the fluid intake. You can drink about one liter per day.

Dried fruit is very beneficial effect on heart recovery. It is therefore very useful to use dried apricots, prunes, raisins.

When you select a menu, remember that diet should be quite varied, so that the body receives all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Then the recovery period will run faster and more successfully.
The diet after a heart attack - according to nutritionists, tips

Diet menu with myocardial

Diet myocardial includes a variety of dishes. Power is divided into four periods of illness, with each period of the food becomes more intense and high-calorie. Since after the illness is prolonged recovery and the first body can not tolerate too much high-calorie foods.

The first period, the approximate menu:

7.00-8.00 - to drink a decoction of dried prunes or carrot juice, about half stakana. 8.30 - you can enjoy a little bit unnatural coffee or tea with milk with 10 grams of sugar, milk porridge, but not a lot of half a cup of milk on cereal 10g and 5g butter and sugar, breakfast can also be supplemented with grated apple, sprinkle with sugar around 5g. 11.00 - the body needs a little bit of meat, such as steak or boiled chicken, but no seasoning and a small amount of about 50g of meat and 5g butter, the meat must be supplemented broth shipovnika. 14.00 - will come in handy vegetable soup, also good to eat boiled fish or meatballs, in a familiar quantity of 50g of meat or fish, and 5 g of oil, you can drink half a cup kiselya. 17.00 - you can eat pureed apples, somewhere 100 grams with the addition of sugar or drink 100 grams of yogurt. 19.00 - very body needs calcium and potassium, so it is very good to eat cottage cheese 50 grams with the addition of 1 teaspoon of sugar, a little sweetened drink all rosehip (100 grams) . 21.00 -. would be great if prepared mashed prunes (50 grams).

For anyone who has had a myocardial infarction, for a speedy recovery it is very important of course strict diet, but the important factor is calm, and the love and care of loved ones.
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