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» » The benefits of grapes for health and beauty

The benefits of grapes for health and beauty

The benefits of grapes for health and beauty

In taste distinguish these types:
  • usual - with sweet and sour taste;

  • nightshade - a grassy taste;

  • Muscat - taste and aroma with a pronounced muscat shade;

  • Isabella - flavor reminiscent of strawberry and blackcurrant.

Grapes universal. Obtained therefrom juice, wine, raisins, are used in cosmetics, make desserts and food use not only berries, but also leaves.
For the beautiful half of humanity grapes simply irreplaceable.

Grapes - a unique composition

In this berry is very rich set of nutrients. This B vitamins, flavonoids - powerful antioxidants that prolong life, cellulose, organic acids and minerals - calcium, potassium, iron, iodine, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

Grapes have a low caloric content - 50 to 70 kcal / 100 g and a low glycemic index - 40 units. Sahara, which is rich in grapes, is very easily absorbed by the body. The successful combination of more than 150 components gives the grapes a pleasant refreshing taste.

Health Grapes

The benefits of grapes is huge. It slows down the aging process, treating indigestion, constipation, kidney disease, asthma. Grapes - is prevention of cataracts, heart attacks, sand and stones in the kidney, is the health of blood vessels and the immune system. Grapes improves brain function and helps to maintain eyesight, fights cholesterol, at the cellular level, improves metabolic processes in the body.

The high content of pectin makes the grapes are wonderful anti-toxicant. Pectin free the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements and other toxins.

Grapes are one of the five most useful berries for women. The darker variety, so it is useful. Scientists have discovered that varieties of the violet protect the female body from breast cancer.
Grapes with a burgundy tint perfectly protects from infections, having a strong antibacterial and antiviral properties and helps to cure herpes.

European physicians have come to the conclusion that the French rarely suffer from heart ailments because they regularly consume red wine. This, of course, does not mean you have to drink wine in large quantities every day. Just now you know that half a glass of good dry wine at dinner - it's very good.

Useful than grape juice

Organic acids that are contained in grape juice, establishing the pancreas, making breathing more relaxed, having the ability to reduce heart rate.
Grape juice treats anemia by helping active formation of red blood cells, liver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, migraine, gout, chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, improves health when neforoze and nephritis.

Grape juice is not recommended for people suffering from obesity, diarrhea, diabetes, duodenal ulcer and stomach, stomatitis. Unsubscribe from grape juice, it is desirable to pregnant women for a longer period and nursing mothers, because it can disrupt the production of milk.

Grapes in cosmetology

The bones of red grapes contain antioxidant, which is the main advantage - a rejuvenating effect on the body.

Cosmetics with grape seed oil, which is due to the method of cold pressing retains its regenerative properties, is used to restore and nourish the skin, protect it from solar radiation, eliminate age spots, for the production of lipsticks, rehabilitation thin and damaged hair.

Fasting days on grapes

If there are no contraindications, "sit" a few days on grapes. To do this, more suitable varieties of medium sweetness. During the day, eat no more than 1-1.5 kg of berries, it is better with the skin, because it is most useful substances.

The result is that you get - a fresh complexion, reduction of cellulite, cleansing the body, improving the liver and kidneys, lightness and weight loss. Just do not overdo it. A few days of this improvement is sufficient.

Now you know about the invaluable benefits of grapes. Be healthy and beautiful, like a bed of grape that is widely regarded as a symbol of fertility and health. Young and prolong life with grapes!
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