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Getting rid of age spots in the home

Getting rid of age spots at home. Brown spots are often associated with impaired liver activity, kidney or gallbladder. Often they appear after undergoing a pregnancy due to increased adrenal function. Brown spots may also be caused by lack of vitamins in the diet, and sometimes appear after sunburn. Brown age spots can be linked to premature aging of the organism.

For those who are predisposed to the appearance of freckles and age spots, we must first take care of the protection of persons from ultraviolet radiation. Necessarily it is necessary to monitor the content in the diet of vitamins C and PP, to reduce the consumption of coffee. At the use of bleaching agents to remember: all of them strongly dried skin. Therefore, they should be used with caution and not abuse them. There is expert opinion that the appearance of age spots associated with an excess of bile in the human body. In solving the problem makes it easy choleretic collection, which includes corn silk, calendula and mint, chamomile and birch leaves.
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Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies is often even more effective than the same procedure is conducted with the help of laser systems. Traditional medicine has a much bigger story than the classical medicine. And that is, in fact, the classical medicine? It is the continuation of the experiments initiated once Paracelsus and Avicenna,
who were more supporters of traditional medicine - herbs, extracts, massage and even such unusual type of treatment, as the treatment of metals. In ancient times we knew much that it is now forgotten, and did not argue with the obvious facts.
Prevention of varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins. Everyone knows that it is better to do with disease than to cure. The more that the prevention of many diseases is just simply in proper nutrition. No exception and the prevention of varicose veins, which will be discussed. Especially in the fall, winter and spring is to do the veins to the summer you do not go, and fluttering. And this will help in some very common foods and fruits.
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Ylang-ylang. application

Ylang-ylang, the use of which in modern cosmetology and aromatherapy are very popular, made from tropical flowers Kananga tree. Resulting in the extraction of oil is yellow with a bright fruity-floral scent. Spicy aroma of alluring flowers preserved in essential oils. This smell is often either wins from the first notes, or becomes unpleasant and suffocating.

Extra (Bourbon) used for perfume;
first grade is used for cosmetic products;
Class II is also added to cosmetics, but its value is lower than the first, and is necessary for obtaining the third hour of the distillation;
third grade is for making soaps and lotions as a fragrance ingredient.
If many essential oils can be called highly directional, the oil of ylang-ylang is universal and widely used. It is an excellent remedy for the health of the body, skin, hair, mental state, and as an additive to food.
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Amaranth oil. Benefits and harms

Amaranth oil - a product that gives strength and longevity. The plant is called the "Amaranth" is known to mankind for eight thousand years. It gained wide popularity as a grain crop. Amaranth seeds were used by man for making bread, stems and leaves were in food animals. The western and south-eastern countries can meet a large number of products that are still made from amaranth. This is mainly pasta, pastries, baby food. It is grown many varieties, each of which is used, depending on the nutritional value.
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How to improve the child's immune system?

What parent does not want to have his baby was a strong immune system and was not sick, because it is protecting the body's most powerful weapon against infections and bacteria. Since the pills increase the immunity of the child even doctors do not recommend, it is useful to know how we can improve the health of your child and not to poison his chemistry.
Sometimes it's easier to buy any multivitamins or drugs immunomoduliyuschie and give their child to enhance immunity. However, the most experienced doctors will tell you that these funds are likely to calm the nerves of parents rather than strengthening the health of the child.
The human body has to learn on their own, without drugs and chemicals, fight infections and bacteria from childhood.
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20 interesting facts about the avocado that you do not know

Avocado is often called a super-product. Today, this fruit is officially recognized as the most nutritious in the world and warmly recommended by nutritionists as an alternative, natural and useful source of fatty acids.

Avocados have a pulp containing a large amount of fat. At a ripe avocado flesh is soft, almost creamy, nutty flavor has a light, color light green or yellow. Once the fruit is different tough-skinned. While most commercially available fruit with green skin, it should be very dark (almost black), if the ripe fruit.
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Water Sassi diet - what is it?

Today, there are many wonderful tools and recipes for quick weight loss, but, unfortunately, this abundance is difficult to distinguish what is truly noteworthy. Water Sassi has appeared recently, but the effectiveness of this tool have seen many.

Nutritionists all the time repeating that water is one of the most important aspects of the health of the body and body harmony. According to current principles of healthy eating, adult needs 1 -2 liters of clean water per day. We are not talking about any body fluids, ie about tea, coffee or juice, namely clean water.

And what if this water add something useful to the body, a few ingredients which do not only improve our health, withdraw toxins and wastes, but also help to reduce waist?
This is the question asked myself a few years ago, Dr. Cynthia Sass, who picked up the ingredients and tried the first vitamin waters.
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