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» » Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Bad habits, unfavorable environmental conditions, as well as proper nutrition, do not allow our body to comply fully with the self-cleaning function of the blood alone. As a result, accumulates in the body of harmful substances, and this in turn can lead to various diseases. Cleaning the blood is not only necessary to, and useful for the body, after the blood purification improves health.

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies can be carried out, but refers to a procedure to be careful. The most effective for the purification of blood are sorbents. However, these drugs do not affect the composition of blood in the body, they only help remove from the gastro - intestinal toxins harmful bacteria, toxins and remove them naturally. Thus, toxins and noxious substance does not have time to enter the bloodstream. Conducting cleansing the body using sorbents performed 7-10 days. It improves the overall condition of the body after the procedure, as well as reduced fatigue and improved immunity. The most common means of cleansing the blood is "red products" is cranberries, cherries, blackberries, grapes, beets, red cabbage.

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies
• Pine needles pour half a liter of boiling water, heat for ten minutes, and then resealed, wrap and leave to infuse for a third hour. Drink half a cup before and after a meal between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. Drink every day for a week. Pine needles have long been considered something "electrifying" that cleans the air around it and fills it with ozone. The same effect will produce broth and needles towards the body.

• More vitamin A recommended technique carrot juice as a glass (0.05 liter) three times a day.

• Recommended as unsweetened apple varieties. It is known that the movement of "raw food diet" (eat raw one type of plant product) did not come out of nowhere - even in the old days used this method of cleansing the body. And at the end of the twentieth century, a well-known technical genius of the era of Steve Jobs came up with most of the first Apple products, when sitting on the apple diet.

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Six days is recommended for two weeks, but not in a row, eat only apples. If the apples will have to turn up, be sure to snack crackers of black bread. After a lapse of two weeks, apply a new method - twice a week for three weeks. Then you can complete the course, arranging one apple a day a week for four weeks.
Drink only water, it is recommended these days, or, again, apple juice. The apple days need to eat at least one and a half kg of apples per day.

Good, clean the blood of juniper berries, they should be taken, starting with 5 pieces, each day adding on 1 yagode.Dovedya their number up to 15pcs. a day, and then take the opposite poryadke- from 15 to 5 pcs.

It cleans the blood of yarrow. 3 tbsp. l. dry grass pour 1 liter of boiling water, in a thermos or water bath for 40 minutes. Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day before meals.
You can prepare an infusion of yarrow: 1 tsp.. herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, 1 hour, take 1 st. l. 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day before meals.

Nettle is very good cleans the blood. Another amazing herb that once again proves that all the poison and burning, when applied correctly, as a rule, is a useful and indispensable. Among its remarkable properties: improvement of metabolic simulation granulation and wound healing effect. Nettle has also a useful feature for vessels - to dissolve organic deposits (salts). Nettle Leaves contain chlorophyll in pure form, without any admixture of other pigments. If you do a decoction of nettles, then notice how rich he turns green. This is due to chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a strong tonic and stimulating effect: improves metabolism, promotes epithelialization of the affected tissues and blood vessels, has a wound-healing effect. Better, perhaps, to brew filter packets to the infusion of nettle was always fresh.

Garlic and lemon cleanse the blood. Take 400 grams of garlic and lemons 25. Garlic is clean, rub and mix with juice, carefully squeezed out of lemons. Put the mixture in a glass jar with a wide neck, tie it 2-3 layers of gauze or a transparent cloth and let it brew for a day. Shake before use. And to drink the drug is necessary before going to bed - a teaspoon, diluted in half a glass of water. After 12-14 days you will feel a surge of energy and strength.

Cranberry juice. The juice of cranberries perfectly cleanses the blood. His need to drink three times a day for one hundred milliliters, for three weeks.

Black currant. On three liters of water takes a glass of black currant, boil for about 5 minutes, set aside even insist that it is desirable to drink a decoction of not adding any sugar during the day, no honey, rate 5 -7 days.

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Carrot. The nation is widely used blood purification using carrot juice, to purify the blood should drink 50 milliliters of fresh squeezed carrot juice three times a day.

Kalina and calendula. We need to take fifty grams of marigold flowers, pour them in three liters of water, boil the need to simmer for thirty minutes in a covered saucepan. Then you need to cool, strain and add one cup of honey and two glasses of juice viburnum, all stir, pour into a jar. Store the mixture in a refrigerator. We accept an empty stomach every morning for half a cup.

White willow. Take a spoonful of white willow bark, pour a glass of boiling water, boil on low heat for about 10 minutes, insist about an hour. Take 10 days on two tablespoons three times a day before meals.

Parsley. Blood cleanses parsley. Two tablespoons of dried parsley roots need to pour 1.5 cups of boiling water. Insist need three hours at room temperature, then strain. Take a tablespoon three times a day before meals for two weeks. Take one teaspoon of parsley seeds, pour half liter of water, which should be & nbsp; room temperature. We need to insist 10 hours, and then filtered and taken half a cup three times a day.

Birch juice. Drink one liter of birch sap a day for about a week.

Dog-rose fruit. Rosehip purifies the blood, has a diuretic effect and removes toxins from the body, improves blood. A tablespoon of fruit per cup of boiling water, boil for about 10 minutes in a sealed container, insist day, take 1-2 cups a day.

A mixture of juices. Mix the juice of carrots, beets, garlic, lemon, radish, two hundred milliliters, honey and wine of Cahors hundred milliliters. All we mix and store the mixture in a refrigerator. This mixture improves the general condition of the body, cleanses the blood vessels and blood. Take this mixture for half an hour before a meal one tablespoon three times a day. This mixture of juice is enough for half a month.

Gathering herbs. This collection of herbs is anti-allergic and blood purifier. Take 10 grams of grass veronica drug, herb horsetail, nettle herb and grass succession, and 15 grams of burdock root and flowers of cornflower blue. Take two tablespoons of the mixture of these herbs on a liter of boiling water, and in the morning you need to filter, take 4 times daily before meals for half a glass of two weeks.

Purification of the blood vessels and folk remedies - among all the ways to cleanse the blood, perhaps the most powerful, is hirudotherapy. Mankind even putting monuments that healer, so is its contribution to health. First of all, when girudoterapii decrease venous congestion. "Wetlands" plots "come alive" and work for the good of the organism. Reduced blood pressure, the body begins to work properly. At this point, it is important to help him proper nutrition, movement, everything that is so natural for a healthy body.
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