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Vegetable marrow: structure, benefits and properties of of courgettes, squash diet

Vegetable marrow - is an annual herb of the family Cucurbitaceae. Courgettes have an elongated shape and can be yellow, green or white.
Homeland squash - America, but initially in the food consumed only his seeds. In Europe, the zucchini was in the XVI century in the company of other strange plants, which are first grown only in botanical gardens. Today, however, the Mediterranean cuisine is inconceivable without this vegetable. So use the squash, as we do now - the immature, the Italians began in the XVIII century.

The most popular variety is the European zucchini, peel color of which can be from light green to dark green. Zucchini - it is a very useful vegetable that is easy to digest and has beneficial effects on the digestive system and skin health. And the fruits of the seeds are used in cosmetics as a component of creams, able to regulate the sebaceous glands.
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Mastopatia. Treatment of folk remediesMastopatia - a disease in which the mammary gland benign form. It is found in 8 out of 10 women and occurs due to disturbances in the hormonal background. Mastopatia negative impact on the state of women in general, and can lead to breast cancer.

Therefore, let this disease can not be left to chance. Modern medicine offers a number of products, but they need to take a long time, they cost a lot of resources, and according to the reviews to help not for everyone. Therefore, special attention should be given to the national media, which are used in the fight against this disease. Among the most effective point:
Cryosauna - use, treatment, indications and contraindications, reviews

Cryotherapy is a unique medical and cosmetic procedure which is characterized by the influence of extreme cold in order to strengthen health, rejuvenation, get rid of various ailments and diseases.

In addition to the therapeutic effect, have cryosauna there and pronounced psychological effect, because low temperatures provoke the release of endorphin hormone of happiness, and immediately after the session, the patient feels a surge of strength and energy, calmness in the soul and positive emotions.
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Face mask of starch - lifting and rejuvenation at home

For the youth and beauty of using funds more diverse and interesting. The effectiveness of the starch anti-wrinkle and skin aging has long been known, but only recently has this facility is becoming more popular, thanks to the availability and speed.

The benefits of potatoes face even know our grandmothers, but few have tried and know how common potato starch is effective in the fight against wrinkles and aging skin.
Starch rejuvenates the skin, making it soft and silky, smoothes fine lines and increases the elasticity and resistance of the epidermis. This is one of the few means for care at home, which is really suitable for all skin types.
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Hydromassage baths - use, indications and contraindications, reviews

Hydromassage baths at home are useful and pleasant water procedures, which in addition to the pleasure and relaxation, have a pronounced therapeutic effect. What is it, who shows these procedures and to whom - not, our today's topic.

When it comes to our health, it is stupid to neglect the modern methods of influence on the body to strengthen it and improve well-being. One such method is Hydromassage bath at home, sanatorium treatment, which aims to cure many diseases and ailments.
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Communicating with dolphins - health benefits and pregnant women

Article about the positive impact on the health of the dolphins, and the mood of the benefits that brings communication with them for pregnant women

The fact that dolphins are very intelligent and understand the people who support the story described two thousand years ago. Stories about dolphins that saved people from shipwrecks, played with them, sought to communicate and help in fishing, there are many sources - from ancient to modern. And it's not just legends, but real and proven facts. From ancient times, the dolphins were friends and helpers of man. They evoked awe and delight, they loved and worshiped. And although the mystery of the healing effects of dolphins on humans is not fully disclosed, there is still a lot of evidence that the charm, friendliness and goodwill of these animals has a positive effect on the human biofield.
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Cracks on heels: the treatment of folk remedies

Folk remedies to combat cracked feet - effective water treatment. Emollients and healing mask
Dry skin and cracked heels often cause discomfort. Proven years of folk remedies to help faster and more effective than medications and ointments. The main advantage of folk remedies is that they are harmless and are available to everyone. However, choose the tool that will help you have it yourself. Here you will find only a list of resources for the treatment of cracked heels, corns, which are most often used in folk medicine.
Chronobiology or life on biorhythms

What is chronobiology? Do you want to look good and feel better? Read tips Chronobiology

In recent times, you can hear the arguments about the miraculous hronodiete, the effective chronomedicine and fashionable chronobiology. What is this mysterious prefix "chrono?" It's pretty simple - in Greek "chrono" - this time, and in relation to the field of medicine and nutrition - is the study of biological rhythms influence on our health. Depending on the time of day a person is changing physiological state - we sleep at night, the day awake in the morning, we are full of strength, and in the evening lazy, even if the whole day to do nothing. Our biorhythms are directly related to the Earth's rotation around its axis, and as soon as biorhythms are violated, we feel discomfort and malaise. As chronobiology claim to every action there is a favorable and unfavorable time, and that the body worked harmoniously and smoothly, you need a clear program and detailed schedule of work. What is and what time do you need to look good and feel better?
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A set of exercises for the prevention and treatment of degenerative disc disease

Most of us are well aware of these symptoms - pain, an unpleasant crunch and a burning sensation in the neck resulting from the sharp turns of the head, pain in the head, tinnitus and vertigo.
These are signs of osteoarthritis. He recently became a "professional" disease among people who spend their working and not only the working day before the computer monitor.
When these symptoms begin to bother us much, we run to the clinic to get the appointment procedure and a huge prescription medication. However, before the exacerbation of osteochondrosis, change the mode of operation of the computer, take the natural elixir of longevity, and regularly make a complex of exercises developed by Chinese doctors and designed to not only remove the symptoms of this unpleasant disease, but do not let the disease develop.

Chinese medicine, with its long history, the least focused on chemicals in the treatment of diseases. Therefore Teach these simple, but fairly effective against osteoarthritis exercise regularly and follow them after and before bedtime.
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Products containing potassium. The dangerous lack of potassium

We all know that potassium is good for the heart, and that it can be found in bananas. However, this is not all there is to know about this important trace elements. Potassium is involved in many processes in the body and is one of the minerals that we need especially large quantities.

Potassium is present in every cell of our body, and without it, in the truest sense, life is impossible. This trace mineral essential for normal functioning of the heart, muscle, kidney and other organs.

The content of potassium in the body of an adult is approximately 250 grams, of which only 3 grams of serum, everything else in the cells.
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