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Catering to the female reproductive system

Concerned about the welfare of their reproductive system, a woman not only strengthens your own health, but also contributes to the extension of youth, because it is the reproductive system produces hormones that are responsible for normal beauty and vitality, these hormones are produced by the ovaries. The organs of the female reproductive system also includes the fallopian tubes and the uterus itself, the vagina, the external genitals and breasts. In addition to the synthesis of hormones, reproductive system performs reproduction and feeding function.
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Useful properties of apple cider vinegar

Exclusive use of apple cider vinegar, thanks to its rich composition of important human trace elements and vitamins, has earned today as worthy of recognition as well as popularity. It is proved that the natural properties of a unique product, apple cider vinegar, allow to circulate in the body of energy health. Therefore, everyone who prefers to and adheres to the proper and healthy diet, according to scientists, can not do without the apple cider vinegar.
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Acne Products

Acne Products - 6 products that will help get rid of acne

If you are concerned about the constant appearance of acne, it is necessary to adjust the diet, more serious about their nutrition. Improvement of the skin starts from within, as it is an indicator of our body clean. Pimples - it means, there are problems with the intestines, the body is dirty and trying to report it, bringing out the toxins. Win rash will help us the following products.
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Types and varieties of rice

Classification of rice: rice types on the type of grain and method of processing. Popular varieties of rice. The use of different types of rice for health.

Rice (second name - Saracen grain) - one of the oldest crops, one of the most popular cereals, one of the favorite dishes in all continents. But in order to fully enjoy the taste and useful properties of this cereal, you need to know what types of rice are what each has advantages and some food is more suitable.
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7 drinks are useful for our health

You can organize yourself enjoying a holiday flavor, making banal welcome drinks in a pleasant and at the same time a useful procedure. To your attention is represented by 7 super delicious and refreshing drinks, which will be a good diet supplement and a source of nutrients and energy.
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Yoga for the eyes. Practical advice

TV, PC, smartphone, tablet. In our time, we spend most of our lives in front of the screen. To work, entertainment, and even relaxation. And more and more people suffer from eye fatigue and vision disorders. There is a way, a simple, natural and ancient, which allows you to treat vision.

Yoga for the eyes - it's not a fancy new methods. No, this method was developed for the American ophthalmologist Dr. Bates in 1920, in which certain practices of ancient India were used.

Dr Bates felt that the eye, like any other organs of the body can regulate their activities, and sometimes repair it, of course, if conditions are favorable.
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Components of health and longevity

Since ancient times, people have tried to unravel the mystery of longevity. Prolongation of life - the problem of all ages and nations. In ancient times, for they were treated to sorcerers and shamans, and later - in the alchemists. But neither the elixir of immortality, or the Philosopher's Stone did not help most outstanding alchemists lived more than 100 years.
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6 Important Tips for a full sleep

Dream - daily essential needs. Sleep is essential for the body to rest, during sleep all the organ systems begin to function more slowly. If the demand is not met in a dream, or we sleep properly, the body immediately gives to know about it as a lack of energy, decreased performance and deterioration of health. How to avoid these unpleasant nuances and sleep properly?
The rules of healthy sleep is very simple and easy to implement, the main problem - do not forget to perform them correctly and regularly.
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