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How to get rid of bad breath

How to get rid of bad breath at home? The problem that faced by many. And it's not just the smell of the morning, which is present in every human being.

This problem is now quite common, and due to a variety of reasons. But the most important component is the factor that we eat. That food directly affects the flavor that comes from his mouth.

The current environment and food products, which are present on the table is not enough high-quality and useful. Plus add to this list of smoking, alcohol, dish intermediates and fast-food fudnoy and get what all so afraid of and what are trying to get rid of.

Check whether the fresh breath simply you. Elementary method - to breathe his palm and smell. This rapid method will help to quickly determine the purity of breathing, in order to avoid further unpleasant situations.

But this method is not always effective. It is possible to have recourse to the second. It is to lick your palm and smell the place where licked, after it is completely dry.

What smell sniff out as a result, this fragrance exudes at the moment and your mouth.

Another method requires additional attribute - flossing. It will not only help to check the freshness of breath, but also clean the mouth.
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Dill - useful properties and contraindications

Dill is very well known and widespread spicy seasoning. This plant is located on the area, the garden, a bed each landowner.

Sometimes one must not even bother planting it since fallen seed themselves easily and concerns grow for the next year. And add the greens in salads, soups, stews, pickles, meat and fish.

And what kind of new potatoes without green dill. This is the most delicious. But dill is not only a refined taste and a pleasant aroma, but also quite useful. What he is endowed with the same properties?

The usefulness of such plants like fennel, of course, enormous. And the trick for this is its rich composition, among which there are different groups of vitamins - A (beta-carotene and retinol), B (riboflavin, folic acid, thiamine), C, E, P, D. The

But that's not all the contents. Among the "innards" are also dill acids, essential oils, and a number of trace elements - phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium.

The greatest benefit of this plant can be obtained if you eat it raw.
Burn boiling water - first aid. Home Treatment

From boiling water burns no one is immune. It often happens that during everyday hassle we forget or negligence behave with hot objects and dishes.

As a result, you can get burned. Boiled water, hot oil, hot soup, boiling juice, burning steam from cooking - all this could easily be you, to be careless or clumsy.

And then in addition to severe pain we have damaged skin. They turn red, tingling, burning, blisters. Ultimately, all or can darken your skin may peel.

Described here, of course, extreme factors, but they are quite appropriate, if the burn is very high. In such cases it may even require skin grafting. But about such terrible things to say, and will not remember.

Consider the situation with mediocre boiling water burns. To know for sure what kind of first aid is to provide and how to heal the burn wound at home.
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Low pressure - what to do?

If the pressure is low - what to do? What are the symptoms and causes? When it comes to blood pressure, many believe that this problem passes by their side, and only applies to the elderly. I think so - it's wrong. After all, with the current conditions of life and its pace, pressure peaks peculiar to people of any age. Those who lead a very active life, a lot of work, load themselves mountain everyday hassle, too often suffer from pressure drops.

Here are just depending on the cause and origin of the factors, pressures can crawl up or fall to critically low performance.
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How to make gelatin for joints

How to make the gelatin in the treatment of joints? Today, joint disease, more and more affect many people in the world.

Problems with normal movement, pain in the joints and bones - this is not all of the symptoms that plague the population. It is worth noting the fact that now such worries not only the elderly, but also working-age population.

Medical preparations is sufficient to help deal with this problem. In addition to the drugs people are turning to traditional medicine.
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Stevia: benefits and contraindications

Everyone knows that sugar is very high in calories and can not be used, not only to patients with diabetes, but also to those that care about health, so more and more supporters of a healthy lifestyle are looking for a replacement. Such replacement may be stevia, which contraindications are low and benefits - is immense.
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