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Burn boiling water - first aid. Home Treatment

If we had a such a confusion as boiling water burns, should take action immediately. After all, who has ever burned, remember this growing smarting.

But this is not the limit, then there are blisters that eventually recruited water. When they reappear piercing pain and discomfort.

Because one must immediately take the necessary measures, which will save from such and will help to quickly get rid of all the consequences of a burn.

Burn boiling water - first aid. Home Treatment

The first action in contact with skin boiled water
1) Do not panic. The right action and a sound mind is very necessary and important to you.

2) Free the place where got hot water or food from all the excess. If boiling water spilled on clothing, quickly remove it from himself.

3) Then make the affected area of ??the skin cool shower or bath. If possible, put the scalded part of the body in cold storage capacity for twenty minutes. Do not use very cold or ice water. It hurt even more.

4) If you can not immerse scalded in the container, then place it under running water.

5) You can also make a lotion or make a bandage out of cool water. This is possible when struck by a small area of ??skin.

6) Remember a very important point: you can perform these procedures only if the skin there is no damage and it has a holistic view!

7) If you are scalded what or limb, it is necessary to put it as high as possible. Take a horizontal position, and place the foot on a pillow or blanket. This will help prevent swelling.

8) After the previous procedure is necessary to resort to using drugs. You can attach a special ointment to use decoctions or infusions.

For serious burns, such action should be performed only after the recommendation of a specialist.

9) Use an antiseptic ointment to disinfect the wound and cover the burned area with a sterile bandage.

Burn boiling water - first aid. Home Treatment

This is the most basic and primary procedures that ought to do immediately after the incident occurred. But there are many ways in which all people are somehow in a hurry to take the situation happened.

But in fact they are not correct, but on the contrary - disastrous. They do not need to in any case. After all, it can only lead to a deterioration of the situation and the disastrous results.

What not to do when you get burned, immediately

• It is a mistake Burns agent or spray applied immediately. This can be executed on only after the damaged area of ??the skin was cooled.

• In no case can not lubricate the skin by any other means, it is particularly irritating. To this list should include Zelenka, iodine, vinegar, lemon liquor, soda, alcohol, onions, toothpaste or urine.

In the end, it may be left scars that will be impossible to heal and clean.

• Also, it is not necessary to apply the oil because they close the pores, and the skin can not breathe normally subsequently, as a result, and to heal. Oil is appropriate at the stage when it is necessary to restore the damaged area of ??skin.

• Frequently lubricate the affected area with fermented milk products - yogurt, sour cream, yogurt. This is also a wrong action.

Because the bacteria that live in the jelly, begin to interact with the wound site, formed the infection and skin will get even bigger hit.

• Many skinned or pierce the blisters formed, thinking that it's faster healing occurs. By doing this, you can carry infection. As a result, in addition to the Burn spots will have to be treated and other diseases listed microbes.

• If it so happened that during the burn clothing stuck to the skin, and it can not be removed to free the land from all the excess, then things should not tear off. So you can take them along with the skin. It is necessary to gently cut the clothes to the place until it torn off, the rest leave.

Treatment of burns in the home folk remedies

Burn boiling water - first aid. Home Treatment

To resort to their aid better after inspection specialist, so as not to harm your skin.

Among the most popular recipes for the greatest demand is for products such as potatoes, squash, honey, cabbage, Aloe. In use, they are simple, too.

1. Pumpkin pulp is applied to the place where the burn occurred.

2. Gruel beet used as well.

3. Grated raw potatoes combined with honey and make special lotions and compresses to the affected area. These packs can be left for a few hours, and then give the skin to breathe.

4. These gadgets can be done with scarlet. Used as a one-piece sheet and mucus, which is inside the plant.

5. shredded cabbage should be mixed with raw egg white. This slurry is applied to the damaged area and leave for about an hour. You can do this a couple of times a day.

6. Egg whites can be used separately. Once there was a such trouble as burn, should shake up the protein and applied to the damaged area. At first, little will pinch, but subsided after a couple of minutes. In the end, you prevent blisters.

7. At the damaged area can pour plain flour. If you apply it generously, then the pain will pass immediately.

8. You can make a lotion of echinacea tincture.

Infusions and decoctions

A decoction of red clover is used as a lotion. To prepare it, it is necessary to fill dried flowers and leaves of plants with boiling water. When the liquid has cooled and infusions, you can use it to the damaged area.

In the same way you can use a regular black or green tea. Brew a strong infusion, cool and make gadgets.

You can also do it from the infusion of oak bark.

Besides all this, you can prepare their own healing ointment. We have already mentioned that they should be used only after first aid and goes skin repair process was provided.

healing ointment

Honey ointment, vegetable oil, wax melted and egg protein. All these components must be thoroughly mix and costs applied several times a day.

Very good ointment of egg yolks. It helps with severe burns and even scarring. It must be boiled to cook some eggs, egg yolks and then fry in a pan within twenty minutes. After that, mash with a fork and place in a sterile container. Such ointments, there are many.
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