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flatfoot Treatment of folk remedies

Exercises for flat feet:

Lying on your back, pull as far as possible socks feet. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

Lie on your back and start doing circular rotation of the ankle joint. Repeat 50 times.

To spread the floor a variety of small items. Sit on a chair and try to raise their toes.

Roll the ball to the feet of tennis. Sit on a chair and, without bending his knees to lift his feet.

Walk on the outer and inner side of the foot, on the toes. It is also useful to go on a sloping or uneven surface (carpet with studs, fine gravel).

The following method, which is used for the treatment of flat feet, is the preparation of medicinal baths.

flatfoot Treatment of folk remedies

Recipes baths for legs with flat feet:

The easiest way to do contrast baths. It is sufficient to fill a bowl with cold water and the other hot. First, for a few minutes to steam feet, and then briefly (15-20 seconds) dip them in cold water. Do these baths for 10 days.

Relaxes the muscles, strengthen bones and effectively relieve pain salt baths. The solution should be concentrated: in each liter of water should pour a tablespoon of salt. Keep your feet in a bath should be about a quarter of an hour. After them carefully wipe and lubricate any nutritious cream.

Effective means are bath infusions of sage or peppermint. At 2 liters of boiling water 100 g of medicinal herbs. brewing time - half an hour. Duration of the procedure in this case would be 20 minutes.

flatfoot Treatment can occur through a variety of wraps, such as a blank sheet of wormwood. For the preparation of other means to mix the lemon juice and iodine in equal parts, to dissolve in the gruel 2 aspirins. The mixture was put on the foot, wrap film and woolen cloth. Leave so for three days.
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