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How to make gelatin for joints

For the treatment of joints folk ways many years ago began to use gelatin. Our ancestors discovered its unique properties, which even today remain popular and effective.

That's why we need to talk about how to help the gelatin in diseases of the musculoskeletal system?

Gelatin - a food product which is of animal origin. It is actively used in cooking for thickening a variety of dishes - aspic, jellies, jams, jellies, marshmallow.

Gelatin is produced by the digestion of bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments of animals and fish. Because, in essence gelatin - a protein (90 percent of the total composition). Its main component - collagen, which is the most valuable element for your body.

Studies have shown that daily consumption of only a few grams of gelatin has a positive effect on the bones and joints. We do not eat this stuff every day, but with obvious symptoms should be included in the diet is necessary.

How to make gelatin for joints

The most evident of these are:

-Pain in the bones and joints while walking, squatting, bending.

-Crunch in the joints and clicks.

-Discomfort and irregularities in any movements.

-Continuous reinforced physical activity and exercise.

To learn about all the benefits of gelatin for bone and joint tissues, it is necessary to examine its internal structure. Apart from protein, it contains water, mineral salts, amino acids.

This structure allows the gelatin to strengthen the heart muscle, improve metabolism, raise the activity of the brain, to stabilize the nervous system.

Besides all this, the gelatin is good and outer beauty. It strengthens the hair and stops the aging process.

Regarding the musculoskeletal system, then the use of gelatin is undeniable. Because bones are composed of calcium and collagen which is present in the gelatin.

Collagen fibers are the building blocks of bone joints and create a kind of frame that gives the bone joints flexibility. Cartilage tissue, ligaments and tendons also consist of collagen. With his lack of friction between the joints increases.

Ultimately, we feel pain, discomfort, difficulty in walking and any other movements. As a result, begin to develop diseases of the joints.

To avoid this process, even if you are not in any way disturbed by these problems, as prevention is worth taking gelatin.

Eat gelatin is correct. Failure to comply can lead to constipation, education gemoroidalnyh nodes and other diseases of the digestive system.

How to make gelatin for joints

Methods of reception of gelatin

There are several ways to use gelatin - from infusions and drinks to jelly, snacks and brawn:

1. Insist on the water prepared as follows: three spoons of gelatin pour 150 ml of water and put it brew for the night.

On the morning of the resulting mass can be diluted with juice, fruit drinks, fruit drinks or plain water (the liquid should be slightly warm) and consumed half an hour before a meal.

2. According to the second prescription gelatin diluted in milk. In half a glass of milk poured two incomplete spoon of gelatin and a little honey (can be replaced with sugar). Milk should be taken with a low-fat diet. This infusion should stand for about an hour.

After all these steps, it is heated, but is heated to boiling. When the infusion cools, it is placed in the refrigerator. Frozen jelly eat and use, and with pleasure, because it has good taste.

3. You can prepare the infusion on the water with honey. Gelatin powder is poured and allowed to infuse water overnight. In the morning a thick consistency and add a spoonful of honey diluted with warmer waters.

4. As strange as it sounds, but it will be useful even to eat chicken aspic. To cook boiled chicken legs with the addition of gelatin, carrots, onions, spices.

After hardening eat this dish with great appetite and no less usefully.

How to make gelatin for joints

5. If there is no desire to eat gelatin dish, you can add it to the principal. For example, soup or bouillon gelatin is at the time. You can also pour it into desserts.

Experts say that the most benefit from the gelatin can be removed only in the case when not swallow food whole, and chew slowly. It is best to slowly dissolve in the mouth zhelatinosoderzhaschuyu food. This will extract the maximum amount of protein.

6. In addition to domestic use gelatin is used in the form of lotions and compresses. To do this, take a gauze bandage or a conventional bandage is moistened, and sprinkled between the layers of gelatin powder.

Which compresses applied to the sore joint, the top covered with polythene and a warm towel wrapped. This is necessary for maximum patient warmers place. Keep the compress can be no more than three hours.

Taking gelatin infusion, one must be sure to monitor your health. Since gelatin can cause constipation, it is necessary to diversify the daily menu of foods that have laxative properties and are rich in fiber.

Pay special attention to dried fruit - prunes, dried apricots and figs. Eat them raw, make infusions and fruit drinks. Do not superfluous to the normalization of the chair will be beets, zucchini, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, vegetable oil and yogurt.

Cons use gelatin
All the benefits of gelatin is now known, but it is necessary to talk about the disadvantages and contraindications. They have this matter too, though minor.

As has been previously stated, gelatin overdose can cause constipation. Some people may show an allergic reaction to the powder.
A disadvantage is also that gelatin can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Also at the use of gelatin should be very careful of those who have heart problems.

Do not enter into your diet gelatin people who have poor blood clotting, as well as gout. Best of all, in order to avoid negative consequences, before the use of the substance to consult with a specialist.

Interested healing properties of gelatin, then try them out for yourself. Just follow all the precautions and do not overdo it.
To achieve the desired results, and do not hurt yourself, recommend to use gelatin to your diet for not more than ten days. After this pause and resume treatment again.

Remember the main thing, it's traditional medicine. only enlisting the help of experts can achieve maximum effect.
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