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» » Low pressure - what to do?

Low pressure - what to do?

Low blood pressure - hypotension - a condition in which the tonometer figures give the maximum permissible number. Just as they should be, it is difficult to answer with precision. Since everything depends on the individual characteristics of each.

For example, many argue that these figures are close to the index 100 by 60. For some such pressure can be quite acceptable. Those who know the accuracy with all its peculiarities cardiovascular system and knows its own boundary indicators.

Low pressure can be carried out in two forms - acute and chronic. The second option hypotension occurs with serious injuries, blood loss, severe allergies, heart and entire circulatory system.

The first observed in athletes, people who have had previous infections or any other infection.

Often, the pressure drop is accompanied by some symptoms. To know for sure what is hypotension, ought to remember the accompanying signs.

Low pressure - what to do?

Symptoms of low pressure

1. Depressed, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything, malaise, lethargy, and weakness. By the end of the working day gipotoniki feel like nothing, feeling everything disgust.

2. Significant deterioration of general condition, most of all during changes in the weather and magnetic storms.

3 shot in the back of the head, and throbbing in the temples. Also possible pain that attack a specific region of the head (for example, only one side).

4. respiratory distress, shortness of breath, feeling of oxygen starvation in areas with large numbers of people and significant loads. Therefore gipotonikam often tend to yawn.

5. Dizziness and blackouts (in very rare cases, even cases of syncope), particularly with the sharp change in body position (eg horizontal to vertical).

6. Nausea, which may progress to vomiting.

7. Low blood pressure greatly affects the blood circulation, it is not surprising that disrupted the main brain and body. Because of this, there is memory loss, and absent-mindedness.

8. gipotonik characterized by irritability, mood swings, emotional instability.

9. gipotonikov could go "motor" of the system. In simple terms - observed malfunction of the heart, there may be pain, tingling, and squeezing in this human body.

10. People with low blood pressure are sensitive to changes in temperature. They are cold and numb limbs and toes.

The right action and treatment of low pressure - is the key to success. To do everything right and effectively, it is necessary to establish the true causes hypotension. There can be a considerable amount.

For example, some people may inherit the disease from their parents, which is a congenital form. As a child, these baby little different from their peers. They are less mobile and active, become tired more quickly. Also cause hypotension and may be acquired factors.

Low pressure - what to do?

Causes of hypotension
Here are the most well-known causes of hypertension:
1) Inheritance at the genetic level.

2) Hypotension, acquired in the course of professional work (often found in athletes).

3) The problems and disorders in the work of organs and body systems.

4) diseases of infectious and viral nature.

5) Violations of the whole organism.

6) Serious injuries which are accompanied by the loss of a large amount of blood.

7) Violations and malfunction of the nervous system.

8) A sharp change in climatic conditions with severe temperature changes and humidity figures. For example, when you travel on holiday or when changing work, which is accompanied by harmful conditions (under the ground, and the like).

9) The lack of oxygen, resulting in oxygen fasting.

10) Great mental stress, a job that requires high activity of the brain.

11) Disorders of psychological nature: the regime change of the day, fatigue, stress, psychological trauma, and the like.

Lowering blood pressure in individual manifestations at particular risk can not be held for the general health. After receiving the necessary medication all pass and you can go back to the normal pace of life for you.

If such a phenomenon is often, and every time a new RPM, it can talk about various problems or diseases that have disappeared in the body and remind yourself. In this case, it is necessary to take action.

At low pressure, if isolated cases, it is possible to resort to using medicines purchased. All sorts of pills and pills to help get rid of the characteristic symptoms and cause pressure readings normal.

In the event that this happens often, it is better to make an appointment with a specialist. He will establish the true causes and prescribe the necessary treatment. In addition, it is necessary to revise your daily lifestyle and improve some of its positions.

Low pressure - what to do?

What to do at low pressure

For the normalization of blood pressure will be sufficient to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Get enough sleep. Customise your regimen so that sleep was the key to a good rest. If there are problems with it and suffer from insomnia, the use sleeping pills.

2. After the sleep is not disrupted immediately to his feet. Waking utrechkom, soak a few minutes in bed. At this time it will be good to do legenky warm extremities. After, it will be possible to sit down, and only then wake up.

After rising sharply in hypotension leads to dizziness and blackouts.

3. Useful are contrast showers. In the morning and evening to take a shower with good water temperature selector. Every time the temperature can be reduced and increase with high pressure. Check water treatment it is necessary cold shower.

4. Sports and an active lifestyle. Nobody says that it is necessary to load themselves with heavy exercise. Enough light jogging in the fresh air, morning exercises and small workouts throughout the day.

5. Do not forget to eat right. To eat properly we must always and in any case. Hypotension is no exception.

Only here in this disease is not only important what you put in your mouth, but also how you eat your food. Necessarily it is necessary to adhere to the schedule, do not skip breakfast.

6. do not measure your blood pressure several times a day. If you feel in need, some signs indicate a violation, then measure.

After the use of drugs is not immediately get better. Because it is necessary to repeat the procedure only after a certain time, and constant monitoring will only escalate the situation.

7. With a sharp deterioration in the general condition and the pressure drops to the boundary indicators need to resort to such measures: to put man into a horizontal position, raise the legs higher, the head should be below the level of the whole body.

Thus the blood goes to the brain more quickly, apply a cold compress to the area of ??the temples, and a massage of the cervical spine.

Now you are aware, part of what you need to take in order to avoid a similar, better to correct lifestyle, have a clear mode of the day, to eat well, to sleep in a measure, to lead an active lifestyle and at the slightest violations not to self-medicate.

Regarding the coffee, which, as an ambulance, quickly and effectively raises the pressure, they should not be abused, but only in the infrequent cases to resort to his aid.
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