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» » Dill - useful properties and contraindications

Dill - useful properties and contraindications

Dill - useful properties and contraindications

Useful properties of dill

1) adjustment and normalization of the circulatory system. The presence of folic acid promotes the production of erythrocytes, hemoglobin and iron generates. Tandem hemoglobin and red blood cells saturate the blood with oxygen, that enriches our entire body as a result.

2) Dill is known for its choleretic effect due to the presence of essential oils.

3) Also, this spice has a diuretic effect.

4) This plant is able to disinfect the digestive and urogenital system.

5) Fennel positive effect on the heart and expands blood vessels.

6) hypertensives this product would have to be just as lowers blood pressure.

7) Fennel is popular for its calming effect, perfectly regulates the nervous system and banishes insomnia.

8) The abolition of the plant affects the digestive system - brings her work back to normal, increases appetite, eliminate bloating and flatulence. And acts as an analgesic for ulcer disease.

9) Dill is useful when you cough. With expectorant effect, it converts to a dry cough wet, and as a result displays the body of phlegm, and other clusters.

10) healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this plant is also inherent. In wounds, abrasions, bruises, boils, festering make ointments and drink infusions.

11) Dill promotes excretion of harmful accumulations of toxins and other unwanted substances in the body.

Dill - useful properties and contraindications

12) Accustoms human body fight all kinds of infections, strengthening the immune system.

13) Dill leads to normal work of many human organs - kidneys, liver.

14) In the fight against cystitis will help the infusion of fennel.

15) has red eyes, then ask for help dill. It also removes redness of the eyes.

Dill's positive qualities are not limited to this list. He has a special benefit for the newborn, women and men, in particular.

Little kids make teas of fennel seeds, or buy a ready-made at the pharmacy dill waters. This drink helps calm the stomach - to eliminate colic and organize the work of the digestive system.

Vodicka dill in a home cooked very simply. It is necessary to pour a handful of fennel seeds a glass of boiled water, to enable them to brew for a few hours. After that, give the little one during the day on a teaspoon.

Women fennel helps to normalize the menstrual cycle. In addition, dill drink concoctions and eating raw significantly increases lactation.

Known dill its effects on male potency. Enough to put a little more in his salad. And in tandem with sour cream it generally has immediate effect.

In addition to the therapeutic properties of fennel it has the characteristics of cosmetology. He wonderfully strengthens nails, hair, gives skin elasticity, eliminates small wrinkles and slows the appearance of new ones.

All kinds of masks from fennel helps with acne, skin diseases, rashes, irritations. In conjunction with the different components can be done Dill mask for different skin types.

Here is an example of the preparation of a universal infusion to preserve youth and beauty. To do this, connect the ground fennel seeds, dried and finely ground peels of apples and shredded leaves currants, raspberries and hops.

Dill - useful properties and contraindications

All these add water and boiled at least ten minutes. Drink this rejuvenating agent in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.

From the stems, leaves freshly picked dill broth can be prepared in a universal, which can be drunk for colds, as well as for the prevention of disease and the regulation of many organs.

To do this, take the fresh herbs, chop well. Then pour boiling water and boil in water bath for twenty minutes. Ready broth, strain and cool.

Take no longer need a quarter cup every day on an empty stomach.

Dill: contraindications

But not all positive in the plant. After all, it has its contraindications. Absolutely can not use it for people with very low blood pressure.

After dill and already has his property to drop. Therefore, the result will be marked by dizziness, nausea, lethargy, malaise, perhaps even temporary loss of vision and fainting.

Also, some people may be intolerant of this spice. As a result, you will earn irritation, allergies, rashes and itching.
To test the response of enough to eat a couple of stalks on an empty stomach or impose gruel of dill on hand.

Do not abuse the dill women during menstruation and pregnancy. After all, it can cause bleeding and increase blood flow.

But it is excluded from the diet should not be dill. It must only be moderate in its dosage. Contraindications to the use dill to people who are present in the bile duct stones. As a result, you can trigger an attack.

After reviewing all the positive and negative qualities, remove the maximum benefit for themselves. The main thing - make sure that does not belong to the group of people who are contraindicated dill.
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