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How to prevent a stroke

Every day, we sometimes face a variety of diseases, some of them developed over the years, and some appear instantly, causing irreparable damage to the body. One of the most terrible and sudden illnesses today is a stroke. According to the statistics from this complex and unpredictable disease kills up to 20% of the population. Fortunately, by taking appropriate measures, it can be prevented by strengthening your body and prevent the possibility of a stroke develop. Carrying out simple steps, you can extend your life and not be afraid for the health and well-being.
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Quail eggs, the composition and properties
Useful properties of quail eggs are known for a long time, and they are based on the value composition of this product.
The useful part of quail eggs
Each quail egg weighs about 10-12 grams. Of course, quail egg high protein content (about 13%) of fat per 100 g of the product - 12 g, and calorie - 168 kcal.
It is determined that a quail egg has the rich composition of biologically active substances, in comparison with any other eggs poultry. So in them than in chicken vitamin B12, or other high content of vitamins (B1, B2, and vitamin A). Also quail eggs contain valuable minerals, and therefore are enriched in magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt and phosphorus. In the quail eggs contains valuable amino acids. Also, quail eggs a lot of iron.
It is believed that quail eggs are especially helpful for vegetarians who do not renounce the use of dairy products and eggs.
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Nutrition for men

The human body - a rather complex mechanism, and that all its components are working properly, it is necessary to ensure the correct, full and timely food. We eat foods have a direct impact on health, so their choice should be approached very responsibly. There are products that are beneficial to the whole world, but you can select are those that provide more value for the male or female body. Products for men should not only provide sufficient energy, but also to maintain muscle mass, as well as prevent the development of diseases of the reproductive system. So, what foods are necessary for male reproductive system.
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Hot drink, benefit and harm, dangerous than the boiling water
It is impossible to challenge the benefits of hot beverages such as tea or coffee. They will help us cheer up, get rid of sleepiness will warm and just allow to enjoy the taste and aroma.
However, even the usual procedure of tea drinking for many of us has become almost a ritual in which everything is important: the quality of the tea, and water quality, and the choice of dishes (its shape, size, materials), as well as the temperature of the brewing flavored drink. On how to be hot water, which you brew tea, will directly depend on the taste, flavor and medicinal properties.

As the taste of the beverage is dependent on its temperature
It has long been in the habit of pouring boiling water over tea brew. Thus even the water itself may be several times before brought to a boil. First, put the kettle on, but did not have time, then just forget that water is already in full swing. And as a result we get is doubtful healthy and tasty drink.

But how, you will object, each pack of tea drawn as tea leaves filled with boiling water. However, this is only schematic. Water should be boiled indeed, but not only that the boiled and boiling in the kettle.

Most teas should brew boiling water. This tea will turn bitter, astringent, and sometimes even tasteless. This will be due to the fact that the catechins contained in tea when brewed with water above 80 ° C will give drink all his bitterness. But this is true for high-quality tea. If you brew tea generally inexpensive, it contains a minimum quantity of these substances, and water should be just hot enough to obtain the desired taste.

Therefore, the tea brewing water the right temperature, you get not only fragrant and delicious drink, but still carries a body good. After correctly selected the water temperature can trigger the appearance of the beverage is not healthful chemical compounds.
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What you can and can not eat before going to bed
Food - is not only a means to satisfy their physical needs, restore strength and energy and replenishment of essential vitamins, but also a way to get pleasure, because delicious cooked meal is fun and even improves the mood. The human body is designed is difficult, and some things are almost impossible to explain. These include the desire to snack before bedtime. Almost every one of us sometimes feel an irresistible urge to eat something delicious after a lay in bed, and the food seems to taste better in the evening than in the morning. This is what causes night raids on the refrigerator, which often lead to the formation of excess weight and poor health.

The effects of evening meals
It has long been proven that starving yourself is extremely harmful, but overeating in the evening hours also did not lead to anything good. Everyone knows that there are bad at night, but why this is so, they know only a few. The first and most common reason to give up late meal is the formation of excess weight and body fat in the most conspicuous places. This is true, and it happens because of the fact that all night, including the digestive processes slow down, and the food that gets into the body before going to sleep, no time to be digested and converted into fat. Furthermore, some of the products, such as meat, under the action of gastric juice will rot and form toxins gradually absorbed into the blood, and becoming the cause of developing various chronic diseases. These toxins adversely affect the condition of nails, skin and hair, so if you notice that they have acquired an unhealthy appearance, think about your diet and try not to eat before going to bed.
At the same time, too fast is not recommended. If you can not give up the food in the evening and can not help but have a snack before going to bed, then make sure that that was the last meal no later than a few hours before bedtime. It is also recommended to carefully select the products for the evening meal. It has been known that they are divided into two types, those that can be eaten before sleep, and those that can not. Here is a short list of foods that are recommended and is contraindicated for the evening meal.
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Apricots slimming

One of the main products, which primarily are banned during the weight loss, are the sweets. However, sweets may be different, and some of them are very useful, and even promote weight loss. These sweets are dried. Unfortunately, not all of them are low in calories, so from the figs and prunes during the diet is better to give, but to include in your diet apricots, not only can not deprive yourself of dessert, but also lose weight, as it dried apricots helps get rid of excess kilograms and centimeters. To find out exactly what is so useful dried apricots, you must get to know about its composition, properties and methods of application.

The composition of dried apricots
Dried apricots - dried apricot is that even after drying retain virtually all of their useful properties. Dried apricots in two ways, with or without bone. Dried apricot is called dried apricots, apricot and here and there pitted dried apricots. It contains a large number of iron, so necessary for the female body, magnesium and potassium, which normalizes the nervous system, as well as various vitamins, the most important of which are vitamins A and E, responsible for the beauty and skin elasticity. Despite the fact that apricots - a sweet product, it is a very low calorie and no effect on the weight.
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Vitamins to strengthen nails
In order to have a beautiful manicure, nail varnish is easy to make up. We must take good care of their health, carrying out all the necessary beauty and wellness treatments, and also provide enough nutrients. Unfortunately, because of improper and unhealthy diet, as well as a bad environment, many women today are faced with an issue like the fragility and weakness of the nails. To get rid of it, you need to take action, and, most importantly, to do it in time, or even the most effective means may be powerless.
You should not let things take their course, in the hope that the body itself to cope with the lack of nutrients and miraculously restored. It is not recommended to mask the problem and a patch of artificial nails that make unhealthy nails even weaker and lead to the deterioration of their condition. If you notice that your nails become weak, began to stratify and often break down, make sure that the body gets enough vitamins responsible for the health of nails and then the problem will be solved. A list of these vitamins is not great, and you can get them from a very affordable products, so do not deny yourself in a pleasant and helpful treatment.
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Foods with negative calorie

Beautiful, slim, fit and graceful body has always attracted attention and caused positive emotions. That's why many of us are so eager to get rid of the extra kilos that result from sedentary lifestyles, consumption of low-quality, unhealthy food, as well as under the influence of a bad environment and the harmful effects of external factors. In order to lose weight everyone chooses the most suitable method. Some people prefer intense physical activity, which, without a certain level of training can lead to injury, someone sitting on a diet, many of which have a devastating impact on the state and the digestive system and internal organs. The most desperate decided on plastic surgery or receiving questionable medicines that supposedly will help to quickly bleed off excess weight. In fact, it's much easier, and to lead their normal shape and lose weight simply normalize your diet and a diet to include foods with negative calories.
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Cereals  for weight loss
One of the main objectives of most of the beautiful half of the population is growing thin. Sometimes they want to improve your figure, even women with almost ideal parameters, resorting to a variety of methods. The most effective, but at the same time, and most of them are difficult exercise. Regular exercise, a visit to the gym and a healthy lifestyle to help maintain the desired state of the body, but not everyone can afford to spend the time or money for sports. Next, no less popular, but the most dangerous way to lose weight - a diet. There are many examples of the negative effects of diets, leading to the development of chronic diseases and disorders of the internal organs. So what do the ladies who want to lose weight and taking care of their health. Out there, we just need to include in your diet foods that promote weight loss. Among these products are ordinary, familiar to us cereals.

The use of cereals
As mentioned earlier, cereals are an essential part of our diet. They were in it many years ago and to this day do not cease to be in demand. This is due to the large number of positive properties inherent in most of them. First of all, it is worth mentioning that cereals are a universal product. They can cater to even the most refined palates, simply pick up a good combination with their other products, sauces and spices. Groats can act as a dessert, side dish or main course, it all depends on your preference and the method of cooking porridge. The use of cereals is much more useful for our body than any overseas products as this he does not feel the stress and is operating normally, gradually digesting food.
Cereals are often used for weight loss, which is why there is such an abundance of diets based on different kinds of cereals. Despite its simplicity, cereals are the richest source of vitamins and minerals within them. In addition, almost any cereal contains a considerable amount of fiber, which helps to deal with unwanted fat deposits. Cereals are able to cleanse the body of toxins, accumulated over the years in our body. However, to get the maximum result, it is necessary to alternate the use of a variety of cereals, not just stopping at one of them, because each cereal has its own characteristics and unique features, which now will be discussed.
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