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Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

Prostatitis can occur in men of any age. The causes of the disease may include: hypothermia, excessive sexual activity or, on the contrary, long-term abstinence, a sedentary lifestyle and frequent constipation, venereal and urological diseases, weakened immunity, infection or chronic inflammation of the organs.

Since the initial stage of prostatitis may occur unbeknownst to the men, so often the disease takes a chronic nature. Tests for prostate conducted to accurately diagnose the disease, determine the stage of its development and severity of symptoms. After receiving the test results is assigned a complex treatment, part of which is improving gymnastics.
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Calendula: cure for all ills

Calendula - a plant that is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. With calendula can treat the disease and to cook healthy food.
Useful properties of calendula have long used in the treatment of diseases. For this purpose, not only the inflorescence, and as the whole upper part. What cures calendula?
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Lemon, olive oil and nuts with gastric polyps

The shape of the gastric polyps resemble berries, small mushrooms, cauliflower the size of 1-3 cm, sometimes more. They may be so-called leg and without it. In fact, the polyp is a benign tumor of glandular structures.
Typically, polyps develop on the background of chronic gastritis and other inflammatory processes. The disease may be, and hereditary.
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