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Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

Lightweight complex of medical gymnastics:

Lie on your back. Put one hand on his stomach, the other - on the chest. Inhale, raise your hands, exhale, press on the abdomen and chest. Repeat 6 times.

Lying on your back, inhale - to raise his hands. On the exhale - lift the torso and touch your toes. Repeat rises 6 times.

Lying on your back, inhale, bend your knees. Tilt your knees to the left, then to the right, exhale. Repeat 6 slopes on each side.

Lying on your back to take a breath, bend the knees. Lift the hips, exhale. Repeat 8 times.

Stand up, leaning on the support. Raised himself on his toes, breathe. On the exhale, sit down. Repeat squats 6 times.

Stand up straight, lift the chin. On the inhale to lift your hands, exhale lower. Repeat 6 times.

Restore breathing, like a couple of minutes in the usual pace.

There are very effective exercises for the treatment of prostatitis. You do not have to do everything you can choose the most comfortable for themselves.
The most simple of them:

Retraction of the anus. This exercise must be synchronized with the breath: inspiratory drag anus, exhale - relax tense muscles. The exercise is performed 20 times, morning and evening.

urinating Interruption. It may seem strange, but the process can also be called physical exercise, since its implementation tighten the pelvic muscles. During urination should delay the stream, straining muscle group located near the prostate. It is an exercise for prostate if his regular performance improves blood circulation of the prostate gland. In one approach recommended 30 of these cuts, without stopping for a long time under tension.

Walking on the buttocks. It strengthens the muscles of the hips and pelvis. Exercise is not complicated, and it is desirable to make it a lot and often. Starting position Sitting on the buttocks on the floor, with arms straight legs, back straight. It is necessary to try to move around without using their hands.

We start to walk forward, a little helping himself strides and his arms to the beat movement. We carry forward, and then back ago. Walking on the buttocks and helps to restore erections.

Exercise with a tennis ball can be partially replaced by prostate massage.

We need to sit on the ball for tennis crotch and with the support arms to keep balance for 3-5 minutes.

First, you can feel the discomfort and even pain, but this is normal.


The best exercise. At the same time on the prostate gland is equally detrimental effect as the absence of sex and sex grueling marathons. Male patients should avoid delays ejaculation, interrupted sexual intercourse practices and abrupt cessation of frictional movements. This has a negative impact on the prostate condition and state of health of men.

During intercourse, and especially during orgasm, the muscles around the anus and prostate contract and relax in a certain rhythm, which is a good exercise these muscles, which is important for the treatment of prostatitis. This muscle activity on the effects on the prostate exceeds many times the traditional massage of the prostate gland through the anus.

If the above exercise was aimed only at improving the blood circulation in the prostate, the following exercises other than prostate stimulation work stimulate the entire circulatory system. This is especially important in a stagnant prostatitis.

Lifting the hips.

Standing on a breath slowly lift the leg bent at the knee to a position where the hip will be parallel to the floor. On the exhale, without touching stupnёy floor, gluteal muscle straining, take the leg behind. Lock leg in the rear position for 3 - 4 seconds. In this exercise, it is important to keep your back upright and bend at the waist. Three approaches to each leg 10 -12 times.

This exercise can be done at home and at work. If the exercise can have difficulty holding on to a support, for example, the door jamb.

Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis


Starting position: feet wider than shoulders, feet are parallel, hands in front of him. Slow inspiratory not perform deep knee-bend and fix the lower body in position 3 - 4 seconds. At the lowest point it is necessary to keep the center of gravity on the heels. Two - three sets on each leg for 10 -12 times.

Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

Push ups.

 Here everything is clear. And not necessarily to be wrung from the floor. As his physical fitness and age a man can use any surface: a chair or a wall. Down inhale, exhale up.

Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

Lifting the buttocks.

Familiar to all from childhood exercise "bridge". Lying on the floor, stretch your arms along the body. Bend your knees. To rest your feet on the floor.

Inhale and bend at the waist, straining glutes. During recovery also compresses the muscles of the anus. Linger in the up position, keeping static electricity, for 1-2 seconds. Scroll down, exhale.

This exercise in addition to stimulating the prostate operation also strengthens the gluteal muscles, so it is recommended fitness - instructors and women and men.

Scissors feet.

Lying on your back, press your lower back to the floor. Hands stretched out to the sides of the body, palms pressed to the floor. The hands remain motionless during the entire exercise
Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

Slightly bending the knees, lift your legs at 15 cm from the floor. This will be your starting position.

Now lift your left leg to 45 °, and right lower down to a distance of 5-8 cm from the floor. Follow the reverse movement, lowering the left and lifting the right foot is not touching the floor. The legs move in a vertical plane. Follow the maximum number of repetitions for you.

"Scissors" legs lying on his stomach. It is a variant of the previous exercise, is similar, but only lying on his stomach.
Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

In this case, the legs move in a horizontal plane. According to the complexity and efficiency surpasses the previous version.

Slumping back, drawing on his hands.

Lying on his belly resting on hands simultaneous lifting of the head, hands and feet with arching in the back. This lightweight version of the previous exercise. Follow the maximum possible for you many times.
A bike.
Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

It is a simple exercise. If a man as a result of weak abdominal muscles or back are not able to perform the previous three exercises you can perform these simple movements.

Lying on your back and raise your legs up to portray cycling, such exercises in prostate adenoma will help to improve blood circulation in the tissues of the pelvis.

Therapeutic exercises about prostatitis and prostate adenoma can be supplemented postures of Indian Yoga exercises.

Lotus Pose.

In this position the crotch stretched, thereby supplying it with blood.

Pull the legs forward. Grab your left leg and place the foot next to the right hip. Then, bend your right leg and push it into the space between the thigh and calf muscles. Now both feet will be between the thighs and calves of legs.

For therapeutic effect after taking postures must remain therein from 5 to 15 minutes.
Therapeutic exercises with prostatitis

Stand on the shoulders, "birch". In this position, there is the outflow of blood from the perineum, which is important in the case of a withdrawal from the pain of fullness in the perineal region.

For taking this position you need to lie down on the mat, relax, slowly straighten your legs and slowly raise them. The spine, pelvis and legs have to take a vertical position. Keep your back hand. The elbows rest on the floor and presses his chin on his chest. The back of the deltoids and neck touch the carpet. Do not let your body sway, keep legs straight. This body position is not supported by the voltage, and the preservation of balance.


In this position, very good stretch waist, buttocks, crotch and back of thighs.

Sit on the floor, straighten your back, stretch your legs. Lean forward and forefinger grasp the big toes. To stoop forward until your face touches the knees (or how you get). Try not to bend your knees, heels off the floor, do not release. Arms bent at the elbows and rests his elbows on the floor. Tighten your abdominal muscles, it makes it easier to stretch the back and hips. Elderly or complete men can keep themselves by the ankles.

To provide a therapeutic effect in this position should be from 3 to 10 minutes. It is recommended to start with half a minute, and slowly bring to a suitable time for you.

Those who find it difficult to carry out this exercise, can do it alternately with one foot and the hand of the same name.

Supplement the medical complex to the prostate gland can be yet another exercise that many of us are so accustomed to that we are doing it almost every day, we do not even think about the healing effects that it has. It is walking up the stairs.

No matter how tempting the end of the day to climb back home via the elevator, yet refuse it and go up the stairs on foot. As the fitness load increase, stepping through the first step, and then two or even three. Believe me, the best exercises to improve tone of the prostate and its chest compressions is difficult even imagine. In addition, simultaneously you will improve the general physical properties of the body, to increase its durability and minimize fatigue.

Douches at the crotch area. This procedure is perfectly enhances blood flow to the organs, to the area where applied.

To do so it needs to be - to direct the flow of the crotch area of ??the shower and change its temperature as follows:

    Warm water, temperature 40 - 45 degrees. - 30 seconds.

    Cool water at room temperature - 15 seconds.

Do not overdo it with cold water, so you can hurt yourself. Duration of treatment - 3-5 minutes. The procedure is best done at night before bedtime.


During the voyage involves all human muscles, so the activity of the blood circulates through the body. It is also an effective tool for the prevention of prostatitis are cardiac simulators, in particular ellipsoidal trainer. Despite its simplicity, this machine effectively disperses blood throughout the body without shock loads on the joints.

Be healthy!
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