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Foods burning the fat

Foods burning the fat

Many people are sitting on a diet, interested in the question: whether the food to burn extra fat? In fact, fat burning products - this is not fiction, and the truth, and you can quickly get rid of the extra kilos and strengthen the immune system, with the active use of them in your diet.

For those who doubt the existence of foods that burn body fat, you should explain the principle of their actions: they are the so-called "negative calorie", ie actually contain a small amount of calories, but the body expends much more energy than it receives from them. Thus, fat burning and processes are started, as well as the metabolism is stimulated, because they have sufficient for this set of useful substances.

Sometimes limiting calories and fat is not enough, so in preparing their own dietary diet is important to know what foods burn fat, so that you can get enough of them and at the same time and lose weight fast. It is worth noting that a good effect on them is only when excluded from the diet of sweets, pastries, fatty and smoked dishes, as they contain a large amount of fast carbohydrates that have a negative impact on the figure.

What foods burn fat and promote weight loss

There is a list of foods that speed up metabolism and burn fat:

Sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt prevent the absorption of fat, accelerate metabolism, improve bowel flora and clean it;

Spices enhance circulation, resulting in degraded existing fat cells;

ginger leaves contain essential oils, which do not give digested fats;

Cabbage removes toxins and wastes, and normalizes hormonal balance;

Cucumbers rejuvenate the body, deduce the excess fluid;

Cinnamon increases the tone, strengthens the immune system, prevents the occurrence of infectious diseases;

Green tea stabilizes the carbohydrate metabolism, improves vision, renews skin cells, stimulates the metabolism;

Foods burning the fat

Grapefruit normalizes glucose levels, reduce cholesterol, contributes to the rapid breakdown of fat;

Raspberry enhances the protective properties of the immune system, preventing the development of cancer cells and the appearance of infections;

Oranges derive free radicals, prevent the development of cancer, deduce the excess fluid;

Coconut milk destroys microbes, raises immunity, improves the cardiovascular system;

Papaya prevents the formation of cholesterol, tones up the intestines, fights infections;

Apples reduce the indicators of bad cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attacks, prevent constipation and diarrhea;

Pears accelerate metabolism, protects skin cells from premature aging, helps to recover faster with urinary tract diseases.
Foods burning the fat

Foods that burn fat on the abdomen and flanks

If you want to get rid of wrinkles in certain parts of the body, recommended low-calorie foods that burn fat. For example, olive oil lowers indicators of "bad" and increase - "good" cholesterol, has anti-inflammatory effects. You must also enter into the diet of lemon and spices: they prevent constipation, increase the intestinal peristalsis and normalize glucose levels.

Products, burn fat fast

The most effective of all of these products have been recognized, which helps to burn fat:

Low-fat yogurt: enhances lipid metabolism, making fat disappear quickly;
Oatmeal on the water: contains fiber, which promotes bowel cleansing, metabolism acceleration and as a result - weight loss;
Seafood reduce the level of leptin - a hormone in which there is an appetite;
Citrus: juice them initiates the breakdown of fat tissue;
Berries reduce feelings of hunger, so to lose weight is faster.
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